Leantime 3.0.0 Beta is out

Leantime 3.0.0 Beta

We are super excited to announce the first beta release of Leantime 3.0. This version comes with a lot of enhancements and our new plugin marketplace.

Leantime 3.0.0 Beta


  • A new design and theme manager enhances the overall look and feel and makes Leantime easier to use
  • New navigation structure. We enhanced the navigation structure and broke up the main nav into Project, Personal and Company sections
  • Plugin Marketplace has been released. 2 Plugins are currently available for purchase.
  • Leantime updates can now be executed via the CLI. The updateLeantime.sh was removed
  • Personal home dashboard with widgets and customizable design
  • Tasks can now be drag and dropped into the calendar for efficient time boxing
  • Subtasks are using htmx now and can easily be created on the task screen
  • Dates & Timezones have been completely rewritten improving timezone management
  • You can now add external calendars
Leantime with Simple Time Boxing
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Leantime is an open source project and lives and breathes through its community.

If you like Leantime and want to support us you can start by giving us a Star on Github or through a sponsorship.