Strategic execution takes more than hope and an oversized slide deck

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Ever been on a strategic retreat?

Then some 50 page document gets created… and

The strategy doesn't get executed

67% of well planned, thought out, strategies fail because of poor execution.

No one even knows what the strategy is

Only 28% of middle managers and executives responsible for strategy are able to name three of the company’s strategy.

And some didn’t know it at all.

The bigger problem here...

Only 17% of folks surveyed said, in their companies, implementation (the day to day work) is seen as strategic.

Instead, at 56% of firms, it’s considered operational tasks.

No one knows what the point purpose value goal is

Project management is strategic execution

Project management gained traction because of software development

… but it was designed to organize “issues” and not the project life cycle

This is how we do strategic project management

Communicating strategies is hard. Leantime makes it easier.

Strategy is integral to many of the phases in growing the business — from the top, high level strategy and into the project level. 

We help you organize that research and keep the teams up to date on it through our strategy boards.

A strategy one-pager allows you to easily capture those high level strategy plans and turn it into something that is paired to the daily work — but in a bite size dose. 

And without having to comb a 50 page document or a 200 slide deck.

Our goals report back up to the strategies so that the teams and companies can focus on outcomes. 

Strategic anchors are like Focus areas on a balanced Score card.  These are the key areas that your current strategy is focusing on and paired with KPIs that can be linked throughout the organizational work.

Made for people who always ask "Why?"

For years, work culture was about just getting a paycheck. Put your head down, get your work done. Not with Leantime.

Understanding the Why:

  • Defines purpose
  • Creates accountability
  • Builds alignment
  • Promotes innovation
  • Empowers teams

Program Management

Running multiple projects as a program? On our program view, you can link back up to the business strategy and even see the projects on a timeline or kanban view.

Idea Management

Take your ideas from start to finish by keeping track of them, updating their statuses, and then turning them into their next phase.

Goals + Purpose + Value = Motivation

Tie the goals to the why and the what. Studies show that dopamine (motivation hormone) is released when we see the goal progress — not when we finally get to the goal.

Intuitive workflows

We don’t have issues. We have to do’s. We put project management into words people know and make it easier to figure out how your work fits in.

Work is done in two areas: Think & Make

Yet for strategy to be truly successful, the teams need to feel ownership and valued.

Using AI to boost engagement

feeling connected to the work

It’s hard to feel ownership or involved on a project when the project description requires you to get another cup of coffee. 

AI Story time is about bringing you into the project work. Our AI creates individual focused stories in unique voices and presents the project in a new light.

If you’re one to compile regular status reports, L.E.O. (our AI) will help you do that.

Set the timeframe that you need updates from the team and the AI will collect that information from the teams and pull it all together for you.

AI Status reports will take the updates from the team and build a detailed report that can be edited and sent directly to the folks needing an overview of the current progress. Image coming soon.

Consider L.E.O. your personal AI coach. Taking note of the things you are accomplishing, L.E.O. is programmed to chime in as you make things happen. 

These features are currently unavailable in open source version.
*AI features launching soon.

Project management the way it should be

By combining the best of project management practices – lean methodology, agile software development and design thinking–
we’ve taken the complexity out of using a project management system so you can spend more doing what you need to and have access to consistent, repeatable and great results.   

No certifications required.

The first open source strategy focused project management system

After years of experience and research, we realized that the human work experience can’t be broken down into a “task list”. That’s because it’s a human experience; and not purely a work experience. Getting organized, being productive, and being consistently successful requires building for the whole person.

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