Project management is as much about the people as it is about the work

Without the people, the work doesn’t happen.

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If project management involves engaging people, why do the tools only focus on the tasks?

What happens to the… 

If a tool doesn't help you better manage your work, is it your fault?

People say that it isn’t the tool that’s the problem, it’s “your lack of processes,” “your improper use,” “your team’s lack of adoption.” 

The average product manager spends 2.5 days a week putting out workplace “fires.” 

It’s probably fair to say, “It’s a lot.”

So why do we hire a “project management system” that only helps with tasks and not the full project management experience?

Building for the whole human work experience

The hardest part of project management IS defining processes and figuring out how your work fits in the tool

But more than that, it needs to connect you to the purpose of the work.

And it isn’t your fault when you are already working so hard.

This is exactly what we, here at Leantime, are working to build.

Expensive SaaS tool overload

Because the tools aren’t built for people across teams, we find teams are using multiple PM tools.

We worked at a company once that, across only 40 people, the teams used

  • Basecamp
  • Asana
  • Productplan
  • Google Sheets (projects)
  • Google Docs (for projects)

The result? No one knows what the @#$%!& priorities goals are

People don't know what they're working for

And the statistics are brutal.

This is how we do project management differently

At Leantime, we’re big picture people — we need the why. But it’s missing from the workplace today… and the why is what drives us to get things done.

Creating an information hierarchy allows you to quickly see how things are connected. 

When things get busy and complex, it can be really hard to feel like we know what we’re working towards. This is why we wanted to connect the strategy with what you’re planning to work on.

A clear and simplified view of the vision, purpose, and goal of the work being done is necessary to help teams understand and connect to the work.

Our goals report back up to the strategies so that the teams and companies can focus on outcomes. 

We don’t have issues. We have to do’s. We put project management into words people know.

Work is done in two areas: Think & Make

Made for people who always ask "Why?"

For years, work culture was about just getting a paycheck. Put your head down, get your work done. Not with Leantime.

Understanding the Why:

  • Defines purpose
  • Creates accountability
  • Builds alignment
  • Promotes innovation
  • Empowers teams

Program Management

Running multiple projects as a program? On our program view, you can link back up to the business strategy and even see the projects on a timeline or kanban view.

From boring Project Description... to epic montage.

You have a purpose in the story too. Traditional project descriptions don’t often capture that.

Goals + Purpose + Value = Motivation

Tie the goals to the why and the what. Studies show that dopamine (motivation hormone) is released when we see the goal progress — not when we finally get to the goal.

Reminders of what you've accomplished

As a product manager, I often found my teams didn’t realize just how much they’d gotten down at the end of a cycle. Remembering what you’ve done and how it’s contributed to the success of what we’re doing is so important. This feature is coming soon.

Strategy + Project Management

These are just a few of the ways teams are using Leantime now

Project management the way it should be

By combining the best of project management practices – lean methodology, agile software development and design thinking–
we’ve taken the complexity out of using a project management system so you can spend more doing what you need to and have access to consistent, repeatable and great results.   

No certifications required.

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