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Download Leantime here.

Installing Leantime

Installing Leantime

For detailed instructions on the installation, visit: https://docs.leantime.io

You can also get support from our Discord channel here

System Requirements

System Requirements

  • PHP 8.1 and up
  • Apache with mod_rewrite or Nginx, IIS (possible with adjustments)
  • MySQL 5.7+

PHP Extensions needed

  • MySQL, mbstring, xml, curl, gd, imagick

Benefits of Self Hosting

Easy Installation

Give you clients special access to your project to gather requirements and feedback.

Data Ownership

Set up Leantime using your brand colors and logos. Giving you a professional look


Integrate your favorite calendars and see when tasks or milestones are due or when someone will be working on a specific task


Know where your projects are and share status reports with your clients

Engaged OSS Community

Ideate with your clients on idea boards and build out strategies that are easy to understand.


Integrate with any of your tools using our easy to use API.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, unfortunately not. We no longer offer system support for anything less than PHP 8.0.

We recommend having some experience with these types of installations before venturing on this path. 

We do offer hosted plans and on premise installation plans as well. Check out our pricing page to learn more.

We are constantly working on new features and love collaborating with others. Be sure to check us out on Discord and on GitHub

Another way to support us is to help keep the coffee flowing by becoming a sponsor of the project.

We think so. We use libraries and code that is available on every shared host.

Our goal is to simplify project management and make it a straight forward, get in – get out kind of experience. 

We also take project management to its full experience: bringing strategy & planning in align with execution.

Currently, you aren’t able to do that on your own but we’re happy to help migrate you to a paid plan.

If you want to move from the hosted plan to a self hosting environment, we can help migrate that for a small fee.

Reach out through the contact form or connect with us over Discord and we can help map that out.

Downloading not required

 Self-hosted version not for you? You can start with a free account through our cloud hosted offering.

It’s the same great system with even less set-up.

Want to connect with us?

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Support Leantime

Leantime is an open source project and lives and breathes through its community.

If you like Leantime and want to support us you can start by giving us a Star on Github or through a sponsorship.