Cross functional project management for the workflow of engineering every team

An open source tool for every person on the project

Built to be inclusive

On Track

On Track

Workflows across teams are going to be different but the path to business goals doesn’t have to be.

User Friendly

User Friendly

Built for non-engineers and every other team. No more having to work in 4 systems.

Goal focused

Goal focused

Visualizing outcomes gets easier when the work is done alongside the goals and business strategy.

Happier teams means happier outcomes

Running cross functional projects as an organization will have its challenges — but you make a cross functional team for the value that each member brings.

Help them spend more time working and less time trying to figure out the tools.

Cross functional projects need both strategy & execution

Our To Do boards now come with two new views: A table view and a list view for quick task adds and management. Use the table view as a backlog and the list view as a lighter overview on what should come next.

Everyone can see the what, where, who, and why we’re working towards. Ideal for alignment and strategizing together.

When we want to get something done, it’s because we have a goal in mind. Keep track of your goals and use them to guide decisions and progress.

Project work organized into two areas: Think & Make. It’s clear and quick to know what you need to do.

Track time on tasks within the system, use it to bill for external projects or to get a better handle on project velocity and work capacity.

Project management the way it should be

By combining the best of project management practices – lean methodology, agile software development and design thinking–
we’ve taken the complexity out of using a project management tool so everyone can have access to consistent, repeatable results.   

No certifications required.

Client Roles

Give you clients special access to your project to gather requirements and feedback.

White labeling

Set up Leantime using your brand colors and logos. Giving you a professional look

Calendar integration

Integrate your favorit calendars and see when tasks or milestones are due or when someone will be working on a specific task

Status Reports & Dashboards

Know where your projects are and share status reports with your clients

Ideation & Strategy

Ideate with your clients on idea boards and build out strategies that are easy to understand.


Integrate with any of your tools using our easy to use API.

Leantime is an open source system

We’re open source to make project management more accessible to the people, like you, out there creating the future. 

Ready to experience the difference?

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Leantime is an open source project and lives and breathes through its community.

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