Organizing your work with dyslexia just got easier

The first work management tool built with dyslexia in mind

1 in 5 people have dyslexia

and it’s important to have tools that are…

Easy on the eyes

We’ve followed guidelines from the British Dyslexia Association & Research to make it easier process information through reading.

Easy to use

Too busy means too much to process and overwhelming prioritize. We keep it simple by demystifying the work of project management.

And quick

There’s no wondering where things are at. You don’t need a walk-through to use Leantime. You just need to put in the work and watch the progress.

Being part of a team means no one should be struggling

And yet, even in 2024, businesses fail to prioritize tools that work for everyone. 

We make it easier for businesses to be inclusive by making work management accessible to the whole team.

Tools for Dyslexia

Set an inclusive theme under your profile settings — just like you would with a Dark mode or Light mode. Built using the best practices and using the OpenDyslexic Font

We focus on keeping the things free from distraction; clean and clear to use so you can stay focused on what matters.

Dopamine is released on the way to the goal and drops once we hit it. Keep motivated by watching the goal get closer.

Work planning now organized into two areas: Think & Make. Planning now simplified into language people understand.

Leantime development of AI features

Features currently in the works include task focused gamification, AI virtual project manager & AI body doubling, and more. Reach out if you’d like to help us test new features.

Built with the beauty of brains in mind

We know what it’s like to see the world differently and to work even harder to get the same distance.

It’s our differences that spur innovation, change, and create a better world. A cumbersome tool should never be a barrier to that — and now it doesn’t have to be.

All of the features of traditional work management tools

…with none of the stress

Client Roles

Great for the entrepreneur or consultant needing to manage client work

White labeling

Set up Leantime with the colors your brain prefers

Calendar integration

Calendar + task management so you can keep track of your important dates

Status Reports & Dashboards

See progress. Stay motivated.

Ideation & Strategy

You have so many ideas. Save and work on the best ones.


We have an active open source community that can help

ADHD and Dyslexia often go together

The two conditions often exacerbate the other and a lack of proper support can cause imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and make motivation and focusing harder. While this is often due to a misunderstanding of the conditions in childhood, it doesn’t have to continue into adulthood.

Reach out and let us know how the tool is working for you.

Come join our community!

astronaut riding on a dinosaur pointing to text that says welcome to the wonderful world of open source

Support Leantime

Leantime is an open source project and lives and breathes through its community.

If you like Leantime and want to support us you can start by giving us a Star on Github or through a sponsorship.