Work Management built for the differences in the way we think.

Built with ADHD, Dyslexia, and Autism in mind because most work environments aren’t set up to support the unique ways we work. 

Human First, Productivity Follows

Getting more done isn't the solution

The solution is a work environment that aligns with: 

  • our interests
  • our values
  • a purpose

The “getting more done” will naturally follow.

The Right Work Feels Good

When we know we're working on the right things, work gets easier.

It's a Personalized Experience

Whether 20, 40, or 60 hours a week, we spend much of our lives working. Work SHOULD be personal.

Brings An Aligned Mission

The goals we accomplish should align with what we hope to see in the world.

ADHD means you work differently

Working with ADHD is often best done in spurts, benefits from a motivating goal based focus, and is best when aligned with your passions.

This is why Leantime focuses on:

  • Decreasing cognitive load
  • Helping you prioritize
  • Aligning your goals and interests
Man looking into several 3D split faces with clearly different processes going on in their minds. There are 4 faces and brain thoughts in total. Representing how different our minds work.

Leantime exists so you can work the way you need to -- even if the world isn't ready for that conversation

64% of Neurodivergent employees worry about discrimination

64% of neurodivergents surveyed said they were worried about stigma and discrimination from management

75% of Neurodivergent employees don't share about their brain differences

75% of neurodivergent employees don't disclose their neurodivergence, and 50% of those that did, regretted it.

And yet... support increases retention

50% of employees with tailored accommodations wanted to stay working at their employers compared to only 17% without accommodations

And when companies do better to understand & support our differences, we stay working there.

SAP, JP Morgan, and Microsoft Autism programs have a 90% employee retention rate

Making Work Information Visual for Dyslexics

With dyslexia, you often think in visuals, connecting pieces where others couldn’t see the connections.  

We support Dyslexia by:

  • Naturally building in best practices for reading
  • Condensing content into more meaningful ways
  • Creating ways to visualize the work and its connections
Support Dyslexia at Work with Leantime
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Aligning with Autistic Employees

If you’ve met 1 Autistic, you’ve met 1 Autistic. With Autism, you may see the world in both pieces and in big picture. It can mean that you’re great at keeping details and understanding the broader concepts.

Leantime supports autism by:

  • Connecting the big picture to the day-to-day WHY of doing things. 
  • Creating a dedicated personal organization space
  • Enabling employers to be more intentional in their communication.

Looking to learn more about creating a safe culture for your neurodivergent teams?

Don’t require them to disclose and support the way they work through Leantime. Schedule a call to learn more today.

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