Turning on Great Ideas with Leantime

Features to get you from idea to reality

Let's be honest... tracking the work is not as satisfying as doing it.

We don't kid ourselves...

We realize 

  • Project management is a do-or-die and not a want-to-do for most
  • PM tools are overwhelming when you just want to be working
  • Research shows employees aren’t engaged with their work

More than tracking...

It’s about

  • Working smarter to find work-life balance 
  • Aligning the to-do list to the goals
  • Working on the things that matter

And that's why we're doing it differently.

Work meets Personal Organization

Go from projects to personal impact

Leantime focuses on the individual organization because it’s the most important piece to motivating, engaging, and supporting people in making an impact and knowing what to focus on.

You can now customize this board, move, select and resize widgets.

Time block your work to the calendar so you can see what you’re working on clearly and when. 

Import your external calendar and align those tasks with your meetings and other events.

Leantime Personal Dashboard Notes View

Notes is now a widget for your My Work dashboard or as it’s own tab on the navigation. In either view, you can save your important links, edit immediately, or even create a personal checklist.

AI prioritization takes how you feel about the work and uses best practices across three productivity methods and organizes your tasks due in the coming week.

Leantime AI Task Sentiment Emoji

Import any external calendar that offers an iCal URL. You can find this available via Google Calendar, Apple, Outlook and more.

Making great things requires a direction and a plan

Setting a direction and creating a plan to get there makes the actual work execution go smoother and is more easily communicated. Often times, though, tools rely on us to create and communicate those plans. In Leantime, we incorporate a manageable version of the high level strategy and plans needed to support the path to creating epic things.

From Vision to Execution

When up to 90% of strategic initiatives failing and team engagement falling year over year, it’s time we bring back the why of what we’re doing. 

With our company level strategy & goal management, you can now share relevant strategies with the team and create long term clarity on what’s being worked towards.

Staying on Focus through Strategic Anchors

We’re automatically creating focus areas for you based on common practices but these can be changed and updated to your specific focus areas and then aligned to your goals at the high level.

Strategic Goals that connect to the Project Goals

Report goal data back up to the strategy level in real time when you update those goals at the project level. Here you have the ability to link to projects and report, link only or keep this a high level goal only.

Define your Strategy

Along with Blueprints at the project level, you can also use our pre-defined strategy focused boards to map out and define the strategies & vision you’re creating for the work.

Using AI in Project Management to Keep Focus

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been life changing for the world of generative text creation. We see this as only the beginning of what AI can do to support people in our efforts to be more productive and to accomplish great things. In Leantime, you’ll see that we use AI to also make work more engaging, personal, and easier.

Using AI to make Work Engaging

Features to keep you focused on the big picture

Recently released, our AI now prioritizes tasks using three science based productivity practices. As you complete more tasks, you can begin to privately rate how you feel about those tasks and the AI will take how you feel into consideration for that priority. 

It’s hard to feel ownership or involved on a project when the project description can be overwhelming, hard to read, or just not relate to your role. 

AI Story time is about bringing you into the project work. Our AI creates individual focused stories in unique voices and presents the project in a new light.

If you’re one to compile regular status reports, L.E.O. (our AI) will help you do that. Set the timeframe that you need updates from the team and the AI will collect that information from the teams and pull it all together for you.

AI Status reports will take the updates from the team and build a detailed report that can be edited and sent directly to the folks needing an overview of the current progress. Image coming soon.

Create a main task and ask L.E.O (our AI) to break down that task into the necessary subtasks needed to get it all done. And then watch him jump on his unicorn and fly away while you wait.

*These features are currently unavailable in open source version.

A free work management tool - open source or cloud

Our free core work management plan offers the same features as our open source version. Learn more about our open source solutions and offerings along with the features we offer below.

Think & Make

core features across open source and free cloud plan

Tasks Table View Leantime

For task management in a project, you get your choice of Kanban, Table or a List view.

Manage your subtasks and dependencies as well.

Welcome to our Timeline (Milestone) view. 

Milestones, In Leantime, are groups of tasks bundled together with a date so you can view them on a timeline (gantt chart).

Get an even higher level view when you view the timeline on our Program Plan overview.

Milestone Timeline Gantt View in Leantime
Strategic Blueprints in Leantime

Create some definition. Why are we doing what we’re doing? Who is it for? What should it look like?

The blueprint boards allow you to do your research, validating, tracking and analysis even at the project level.

Looking to better understand how the team is working? Our reports allow you to see how the hours are all coming together.

You need more than a Kanban to keep track of what you’re building and that’s why we have Docs.

Embed outside documents and work with external teams or keep tracking of what you need internally.

Retrospectives are an opportunity to reflect on the work that we’ve recently accomplished and give the team room to discuss what worked well, what didn’t, and what needs to change.

You need ideas to take you to the next level but it’s easy to lose track of them. 

Track ideas easily here and in the near future, link them to the to dos and work being done.

If you need to get better at estimating work or if you’re going to send hourly billables to a client, you need to be able to track your time with our Timesheets.

Track directly on the To Do when you start work, edit and approve hours. In the future, we’ll have plugins to allow you to connect to Quickbooks and other accounting platforms.

*The features in the Think and Make sections are all available in open source. 

Open source project management features

Easy Installation

Give you clients special access to your project to gather requirements and feedback.

Data Ownership

Hosting your own version of Leantime gives you full control of your data.


Integrate your favorite calendars and see when tasks or milestones are due or when someone will be working on a specific task


Know where your projects are and share status reports with your clients

Engaged OSS Community

Ideate with your clients on idea boards and build out strategies that are easy to understand.


Integrate with any of your tools using our easy to use API.

See the latest release

Our Newest Features - v 3.0-beta

Project Hub in Leantime to Visualize the Projects Overview

Project Hub

For those with better visualizing minds than list views only, the project hub shows all the projects you have access to and allows you to favorite the ones you use most often.

Note Overview in Leantime Quick Notes


Notes is a new My Work widget that allows you to create new notes, checklists, personal to do lists or anything else you might need to come back and reference later.

AI Task Breakdowns Into Smaller Tasks in Leantime

AI Task Breakdown

Use AI to now go from high level task to a broken down list of subtasks. First, create a main task, visit the subtasks underneath and Select "Break Down Tasks for me"L.E.O will pop out with his unicorn and get that started for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are actively in progress now. You can follow along on our roadmap and join our Discord for more information. 

We are the only tool in those names focused on cognitive accessibility and in creating a tool that is best for neurodivergent conditions like ADHD and dyslexia. 

Using us is one way you can support your neurodivergent employees.

We are easier to use and offer more core features than any of the other tools. This means better productivity at a better cost.

Open source software is a platform where the core code is accessible for developers or people who want to install the system.

It gives teams and companies a new level of flexibility. You can read more here.

Our goal is to simplify project management and make it a straight forward, get in – get out kind of experience. 

We also take project management to its full experience: bringing strategy & planning in align with execution.

We recommend having some experience with these types of installations before venturing on this path. 

We do offer hosted plans and on premise installation plans as well.

Check out our pricing page to learn more.

Currently, you aren’t able to do that on your own but we’re happy to help migrate you to a paid plan.

If you want to move from the hosted plan to a self hosting environment, we can help migrate that for a small fee.

Reach out through the contact form or connect with us over Discord and we can help map that out.

Ready to work smarter?

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