Open source strategic project management for the non-project manager

Work without the stress of trying to figure out how to use the #!@*&% system

Available on or download & self host the open source system.

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To Dos

Feel Good about Work

Strategy + execution = purpose

Keep the Strategy Alive

Up to 90% of strategic initiatives fail at execution but you can save it by connecting it to the work with our Strategy Boards

Idea to Outcome

Move your team from idea to completed project & feel the sense of pride that comes with seeing value grow

Project Management Simplified

We pair science with the best of project management to simplify the steps while making it intuitive to use.

Feeling lost even when the checklist is getting done?

While checking boxes might feel good, it’s the vision that drives your impact.

You already know how to manage a To Do list

It’s project management you need help with. Other work management tools start and stop with tasks; leaving you on your own for the strategy and planning work.

But you’re busy. You need to do the work and not chase the details.

The solution for every project hurdle

So you’ve found a tool to build from goal to finished product but what about the other problems projects run into? 

Engineers love to work in agile sprints but your creative or product teams don’t? Let them do their thing and use a system that is easy enough for everyone to use.

You won’t see other systems talk about ADHD or Dyslexia because they aren’t building for cognitive accessibility.

We’ve removed distractions, made the tool easy enough to not promote task paralysis, and we have our Inclusive Reader theme that uses research based practices to support easier reading.

Team alignment happens naturally when they can share in the purpose and vision. Save time by clearly communicating project value with our Project Value Board and Project Blueprints. 

It’s hard to know what to focus on and easy to get distracted. When your work is easily managed, it’s easier to stay on track. You can be in, out, and working.

Made for humans by humans

Started by a nurse-turned-product manager and a technical program manager, Leantime was born as a solution that didn’t overwhelm her ADHD, was intuitive to use and still supported building epic things.

Whether you’re managing tasks, managing time, or managing a team, we’re creating a tool that helps you manage and organize smarter.

Let those folks using the other tools work harder.

Time is Money

Better time management. Track time on your work accurately. Give more accurate quotes and get paid for the work you’re doing.

From Strategy to Execution

Our Strategy Boards give you all the boards & tools you’d need to get your ideas started, track their work, progress and support your growth.

Work on the right thing at the right time

Keeping your goals at the forefront helps keep focus. It’s the measuring stick to decide what to work on.

Project overviews

Managing cross functional projects requires being able to see the work at a high level. Our open source gantt chart view is for you.

Project management for every role in business

These are just a few of the ways teams are using Leantime now

Project management the way it should be

By combining the best of project management practices – lean methodology, agile software development and design thinking–
we’ve taken the complexity out of using a project management system so you can spend more doing what you need to and have access to consistent, repeatable and great results.   

No certifications required.

Client Roles

Give you special access to your project as needed to gather requirements and feedback.

White labeling

Set up Leantime using your brand colors and logos. Build that team spirit.

Calendar integration

Integrate your favorite calendars and see when tasks or milestones are due or when someone will be working on a specific task

Status Reports & Dashboards

Know where your projects are and share status reports with your clients

Idea & Strategy Management

Ideate on the idea boards and build out strategies that are easy to understand.


Integrate with your other tools using our easy to use API.

+ Available in 19+ languages

Leantime is open source

We’re the first open source strategic project management system and we exist so innovators, like you, can get access to affordable and easy business tools while out there building a better world and future. 

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