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We take the WTF out of managing work by connecting the why, the how and the you in an easy to use system. 

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Project management that makes sense...

here’s how we’re different

Purposeful Work Management

If you’ve ever thought… “why are we working on this again?” then welcome. You’re in the right place. Keep reading.

Ideas, Goals & Plans

Stop missing opportunities and falling short of the goals. Tracking your ideas and connecting goals to the work is essential to success.

ADHD Friendly & "Easy"

Easy means not having to think about how to set up the tool + we build science-based features to promote dopamine & intrinsic motivation.

The Human Experience

Getting sh*! done involves our whole person – brain, body, feelings. Shouldn’t all those things be part of productivity then?

We connect the vision & goals to the work, simplify the confusing lingo, and use science to build with ADHD & cognitive accessibility at top of mind.

Using AI to make things easier

Features below show AI collecting status updates and offering To Do prioritization on your personal overview.

From Strategy to Execution

Our Strategy Boards give you all the boards & tools you’d need to get your ideas started, track their work, progress and support your growth.

Working on the priorities

Keeping your goals at the forefront helps keep focus. It’s the measuring stick to decide what to work on.

Time is Money

Better time management. Track time on your work accurately. Give more accurate quotes and get an understanding of where the time is going.

Milestones across a timeline

Taking the gantt chart approach with milestones across a timeline.

Take your workflows from idea to plan and then from doing to success

Made for purpose driven people

Started by a nurse-turned-product manager and a technical program manager, Leantime was born as a solution that didn’t overwhelm her ADHD, was intuitive to use and still supported building epic things.

Whether you’re managing tasks, managing time, or managing a team, we’re creating a tool that helps you manage and organize smarter.

Let those folks using the other tools work harder.

You already know how to manage a To Do list

It’s project management & goal driven purpose that you need help with. Other work management tools start and stop with tasks; leaving you on your own for the strategy and planning work.

But you’re busy. You need to do the work and not chase the details.

Start with the Strategy

… keeping the why keeps the focus …

When up to 90% of strategic initiatives failing and team engagement falling year over year, it is time we bring back the why of what we’re doing. 

From the beginning, align the purpose with the vision.

  • Purpose is the why the company exists, the why you are working on what you are
  • The vision asks, “If we achieve our purpose, how does the world look different?”

While long strategic documents still have their place, it’s too much for the teams to remember or manage.

In fact, only 28% of middle managers and executives responsible for strategy execution can list 3 of the company’s strategies. Many couldn’t list any at all.

A one page overview gives everyone a quick focus point and creates alignment on the path you’re on.

We’ve seen a lot of people use a project management tool and then keep some sort of spreadsheet as a means of tracking their progress towards the goals.

What was that goal trying to get us to again?

Link and report, link, or keep separate project goals — either way, it’s easy to showcase the hard work the team is doing and keep them motivated by their progress.

Whether the view is from the one pager or on the individual anchor, a strategic anchor is meant to be a grounding point to where the focus should be.

Trying to be a data driven company? These are the moments where you can ask, without bias, “Does this get us closer to our goal?”

Whether at the strategy level or the project level, we have frameworks built in to help you manage the research, build clarity for the team, and simplify communicating those ideas.

A free project management tool - open source or cloud

We’ve seen the value our open source users have gotten from using our core system. Now you can use our online project management software for free as well. Use Core for free or level up your work management with our strategy, program, and AI features.

Think & Make

… core features combining strategy & execution … 

For task management in a project, you get your choice of Kanban, Table or a List view.

Manage your subtasks and dependencies as well.

Welcome to our Timeline (Milestone) view. 

Use the milestone as a gantt chart overview of the time marked events. You can also view tasks on the chart and even view milestones across all projects in our Portfolio view.

We may have a high level strategy and then also a project level strategy. 

The blueprint boards allow you to do your research, validating, tracking and analysis even at the project level.

Looking to better understand how the team is working? Our reports allow you to see how the hours are all coming together.

You need more than a Kanban to keep track of what you’re building and that’s why we have Docs.

Embed outside documents and work with external teams or keep tracking of what you need internally.

Retrospectives are an opportunity to reflect on the work that we’ve recently accomplished and give the team room to discuss what worked well, what didn’t, and what needs to change.

You need ideas to take you to the next level but it’s easy to lose track of them. 

Track ideas easily here and in the near future, link them to the to dos and work being done.

If you need to get better at estimating work or if you’re going to send hourly billables to a client, you need to be able to track your time with our Timesheets.

Track directly on the To Do when you start work, edit and approve hours. In the future, we’ll have plugins to allow you to connect to Quickbooks and other accounting platforms.

Project management the way it should be

By combining the best of project management practices – lean methodology, agile project management and design thinking–
we’ve taken the complexity out of using a project management system so you can spend more doing what you need to and have access to consistent, repeatable and great results.   

No certifications required.

Client Roles

Give clients access to your project as needed to gather requirements and feedback.

Personalized Task Views

Embed slides, sheets, or outside docs inside the document manager

Calendar Integration

Integrate your favorite calendars and see when tasks or milestones are due or when someone will be working on a specific task

Status Reports, Dashboards & Retrospectives

Know where your projects are, share reports, and debrief after the work.

File Management

Keep relevant files close to their work. Available at both the project and strategy levels.

White label

Make the system yours with your logo and by using your brands colors.

+ Available in 19+ languages

Ready to do project management differently?

*No credit card required.

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