Strategic project management for innovative teams tying the business goals to the work

… because vision + execution = organizational purpose

Built with the business vision in mind

Business Strategy

Strategic initiatives often fail because it isn’t connected to the work being done and never reaches the teams.

We help you connect the strategy to the work & teams.

Empowering Vision

Employees often feel disengaged and disconnected from the vision and purpose when they don’t know what it is.

Team members can now see the vision and be part of the growth and focus.

Works for the whole team

Tools often alienate teams in the way they’re built. More for eng, more for product and rarely both.

Set up the work in a way that’s now easy for every type of team member.

You're here because you're looking for that missing piece in your project management tool

Stuck wondering why the other tools just aren’t working? 

Driving strategic initiatives is more than a one time retreat and project management is more than task management. The two work together in a strategic journey to help businesses go from a good business to a great business.

This is strategic project management.

Focus at work

Our goal is simple yet robust. There are more non-project managers out there than there are project managers. Tools should be accessible to both users and that’s where we come in.

Seeing progress is a motivator; it says we’re making impact and you can see the end post on the way. Tracking goals helps both motivate and keep focus on what matters and what we’re working towards.

Creating value for the team means keeping them in the journey and showcasing what their hard work is building and accomplishing. Our strategy boards (Project Blueprints) are just one way we strive to keep the whole team aware of project strategy.

Leantime development of AI features

With strategic initiatives failing at the execution and implementation phase, we are currently in development of AI features that make the vision and strategy more cohesive and impactful for the team and organization. Stay tuned.

All of the features of traditional work management tools

…with strategy too

Role Management

Make it easier to work on only what's needed

Integrations & Plugins

Amplify your strategy with our upcoming strategic plugins

Calendar integration

Calendar + task management so you can keep track of your important dates

Status Reports & Dashboards

Better overviews of how the work is going

Ideation & Strategy

You have so many ideas. Save and work on the best ones.


Keep track of time spent by clicking, "Start Work" from the task

Program Management

As businesses grow, complexity often grows and organizations can end up with multiple business units and business pillars. This level of project management requires a different experience and that’s why we introduced the Program Management plugins. 

Program Management doesn’t have to be complicated either.

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Success without strategy is just luck

Strategy is rooted in having both a plan, vision, and general direction to how you know when you hit success. 

This is often neglected in businesses; young and established. It can be hard to stay on track as complexity grows. We’ve lived this here and this is why Leantime exists. Things don’t have to be chaotic and clarity is possible.

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