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Free up to 150 To-Dos
  • Unlimited Users
  • Time Tracking
  • Project Management
  • My Work Dashboard
  • Up to 150 To-Dos & Milestones


Getting Started Managing Projects.
$ 4 user / month
  • Everything in Free +
  • Unlimited To Dos
  • Client Management
  • Strategy Management


Align Teams and Projects
$ 8 user / month
  • Everything in Essentials +
  • Program Plan Management
  • Whiteboard
  • Pomodoro Timer
  • Personal Notes
  • API Access
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Scaling People, Scaling Projects
$ 10 user / month
  • Everything in Premium +
  • Custom Fields
  • AI Task Prioritization
  • AI Task Breakdown
  • Personal Project Stories
  • AI Generated Status Reports

Our Enterprise Offerings

Embedded Productivity Platform

Speed up development and build in the features to boost productivity in your internal tools with our enterprise license.

On Premise Installation

Go on premise and get the most out of Leantime’s features with SSO, Audit logs, data residency, custom billing, custom integrations and more.

Get support when you need it

Priority support that goes beyond just another “ticket”

Features List


AI (L.E.O.)

CoreEverything + AI (L.E.O)
AI Collected Status Updates from Team✔️
AI Compiled Status Report Updates✔️
AI Story Time✔️
AI Coach✔️

Program Management

CoreEverything + AI (L.E.O)
Program Plan Dashboard✔️
Program Plan Kanban Statuses✔️
Program Plan Timelines✔️
Multiple Programs✔️
Automated Goal Management✔️
Idea Boards✔️
Strategy Boards✔️
File Management✔️

High Level (Company) Strategy

CoreEverything + AI (L.E.O)
Strategic Vision & Descriptions✔️
Strategic Anchors (Focus Areas)✔️
Automated Goal Management✔️
Strategy Boards✔️
File Management✔️
Strategy Icons✔️

Project Management

CoreEverything + AI (L.E.O)
User Dashboard with Task Overview✔️✔️
Calendar View✔️✔️
Project Dashboard✔️✔️
Project Progress Chart✔️✔️
Basic Project Portfolio View✔️✔️
Milestones (Gantt & Timelines)✔️✔️
Milestones with Tasks & Subtask view✔️✔️
Multiple Task Views (Table, List)✔️✔️
Task Dependencies✔️✔️
Custom Task Statuses + Kanban Columns✔️✔️
Sprints & Backlog✔️✔️
Business Development Boards✔️✔️
Basic Status Updates (Project Level)✔️✔️
Project Icons✔️✔️

Time Tracking

CoreEverything + AI (L.E.O)
Time Tracking✔️✔️
Start Time at Task✔️✔️
Timesheet Management✔️✔️
Timesheet Export✔️✔️


CoreEverything + AI (L.E.O)
Document Templates✔️✔️
Gsuite Embedded Files✔️✔️
Microsoft 360 Embedded Files✔️✔️

Reports And Insights

CoreEverything + AI (L.E.O)

File Management

CoreEverything + AI (L.E.O)
Screen Capture✔️✔️
In App Video Recording✔️✔️
Media Viewer✔️✔️

Team Engagement

CoreEverything + AI (L.E.O)
Comments / Discussion✔️✔️
Profile Images✔️✔️
Reactions (Coming Soon)(coming soon)(coming soon)


CoreEverything + AI (L.E.O)
Community Chat (Discord)✔️✔️
Custom Enterprise SupportContact for pricing


CoreEverything + AI (L.E.O)
White labeling✔️✔️
Client Management✔️✔️
Two Factor Authentication✔️✔️
User Role Management✔️✔️
User Job Titles✔️✔️
Themes (Inclusive Reading, Dark Mode+)✔️✔️
API Access (With Paid Plans)✔️✔️
CSV Import (Coming Soon)


CoreEverything + AI (L.E.O)
ICS calendar export✔️✔️
Embeddable Integrations✔️✔️

Plugins (Coming Soon)

CoreEverything + AI (L.E.O)
Custom FieldsComing Soon
FormsComing Soon

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe good fundamental project management should be accessible to everyone so our core features come with more than other systems offer.

Our next tier include features that you won’t find in the other tools. 

Leantime takes the high level strategy and vision and makes it visible across the work. At this level, you can also link and automate goal tracking and progress. 

Our next plan includes Program Management (Called Plans in tool) — following the rules of our simplified approach, this is an overview of all the projects and work you are doing and allows you to organize them more clearly.

Lastly, no other productivity tool is tackling AI the way we do. Looking at science, cognitive accessibility (ADHD), and productivity, our AI encompasses bringing ownership to the teams, engagement, and productivity support.

AI, for us, is more than summarizing content. We see AI as both a productivity helper and engagement support as we get the work done. 

Our first AI features include:

AI Status Updates: L.E.O. (Leantime Enhanced Outcomes) collects status updates on a day that you set from your team members.

AI Status Reports: At the last day, L.E.O. then compiles that into a status report for you to edit and finalize for sending off to your stakeholders.

AI Story Time: Like an epic video game montage, you become the hero of every project. L.E.O. takes the details of your role, the project, and the work and creates a personalized story of what you’ll be working on when the project kicks off. 

L.E.O. currently comes in  voices: Pirate, Motivational Speaker, and Knight. 

AI Coach – L.E.O. brings the recognition that you deserve as you complete the hard work.

L.E.O. is the name of our Llamadorian AI Robot. 

It stands for Leantime Enhanced Outcomes.

Llamadorian is a play on our love for Star Wars & the Mandalorian, the AI model called Llama, and the fact that we used to own alpacas.

Special shout out to Rod for helping us come up with L.E.O. and the Kingsmen Software crew for Llamadorian.

For the first two weeks, you get to try everything we offer — including our AI! 

Once the two weeks are up, you’ll default to the our Free plan (up to 150 to-dos and milestones). If you’re ready to pick a plan, update your plan in the billing section. 

You can also extend your free trial by updating your billing with a credit card for an extra two free weeks.

Once the two weeks are up, you’ll default to the our Core Free or select your plan and update in the billing section.

Open source software gives us the opportunity to share our core code with you and allow you to set it up on your own servers.

It is a self (you) maintained platform. This gives you ownership of your data and the security of maintaining your own platform.

Our open source version operates under AGPL licensing and requires code updates to be submitted back to the core code. We offer Enterprise licenses if you’d like to modify the code to use for company use.

The open source version of Leantime includes everything in our free plan.

We now also offer our additional features like Strategy management, Plan (Program Management), Whiteboards, Notes, Pomodoro & Custom Fields in our Plugin Marketplace for the open source version available for download on github, Docker, and more.

If you’re on our cloud hosted plans, we’ve had users get projects up and running in less than 10 minutes.

For our open source users, if you’re experienced on the technical side, it typically takes less than an hour to set up self-hosting.

Yes! For a small fee, we can help you migrate over your data.

Ready to sign up? First account is free.

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Leantime is an open source project and lives and breathes through its community.

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