Author: Gloria

Ok, raise your hand if you’ve stayed up til 2 am watching Marie Kondo on Netflix.  You’re not alone. If you’re like the rest of us here, you’ve literally just spent days binge watching the show (after work, of course) and are having dreams about emptying out your closet.  This show has left me wondering, […]

Sometimes, you get lucky and your first version is the right version.  Sometimes, that first version teaches you a lot about yourself, your product, and where you want to go.  It was a great time, great experience and good for you. That was Leantime 1.0 for us.  Leantime 1.0 was our first push into the […]

If you’ve seen the television show Shark Tank, you may have some idea of what an entrepreneur could look like.   Successful entrepreneurs are like “swimming with sharks.”  There’s something to learn from this idea of sharks –  the investing entrepreneurs have been thought of as predatory, conquering, and large in their target markets and business practices.  Successful. […]