The best work planning app for people wanting to work smarter with ADHD & ADD

An open source organization and time management tool

Built with Dopamine in mind

Not Overwhelming

Not Overwhelming

Don’t get stuck in task paralysis or frozen by information overload. Get in, get out, get working.

Distraction Free

Distraction Free

When we’re ready to work, any distraction can pull us away. Stay focused with clear working areas.

Dopamine Spiking

Dopamine Spiking

Using neuroscience and psychology, we are building features to promote dopamine production.

You can't have real productivity without inclusivity

Whether you’re someone with ADHD / ADD or an employer looking to support your neurodivergent employees, prioritizing cognitive accessibility is an essential part of creating a great inclusive work culture.

You need to work in the way your brain works best. Your POV makes the team better.

Focus at work

We focus on keeping the things free from distraction; clean and clear to use so you can stay focused on what matters.

Dopamine is released on the way to the goal and drops once we hit it. Keep motivated by watching the goal get closer.

Work planning now organized into two areas: Think & Make. Planning now simplified into language people understand.

Features currently in the works include task focused gamification, AI virtual project manager & AI body doubling, and more. Reach out if you’d like to help us test new features.

Built for ADHD & ADD by people with ADHD

We’ve been there. We started by solving our own problem — when we were struggling to stay focused and couldn’t get organized with our ADHD because the productivity tools were overwhelming, confusing, and hard to use.  

All of the features of traditional work management tools

…with none of the stress

Client Roles

Great for the entrepreneur or consultant needing to manage client work

White labeling

Set up Leantime with the colors your brain prefers

Calendar integration

Calendar + task management so you can keep track of your important dates

Status Reports & Dashboards

See progress. Stay motivated.

Ideation & Strategy

You have so many ideas. Save and work on the best ones.


We have an active open source community that can help

30% of entrepreneurs have ADHD or Dyslexia

Amazing things get made by people who see the world beyond than the status quo. We need to make sure that people have the right planning and productivity tools to work in the best way they can. 

It’s time that work planning tools become more accessible.

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