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An open source organization and time management tool

Built with Dopamine in mind

Not Overwhelming

Not Overwhelming

Don’t get stuck in task paralysis or frozen by information overload. Get in, get out, get working.

Distraction Free

Distraction Free

When we’re ready to work, any distraction can pull us away. Stay focused with clear working areas.

Dopamine Spiking

Dopamine Spiking

Using neuroscience and psychology, we are building features to promote dopamine production.

Businesses: You can't have real productivity without inclusivity

Whether you’re someone with ADHD / ADD or an employer looking to support your neurodivergent employees, prioritizing cognitive accessibility is an essential part of creating a great inclusive work culture.

You need to work in the way your brain works best. The neurodiverse point of view makes the team better.

The ultimate digital planner for ADHD

Our brains all view and process information differently. Some of us find table views overwhelming, others need a more traditional list.

Whether you’re in the Kanban, Table or List view… we have multiple looks to make it easier to process.

Use Docs to create organization for your thoughts, notes, and even shared files through embedds with outside systems like GSuite, Office, and others.

Use our templates and / commands to create pretty tables and straight forward docs.

Work planning now organized into two areas: Think & Make. 

Use Timelines to create “Milestones.”

Like a more traditional Gantt chart, this space is intended to help you break down your tasks into smaller and more manageable work. Take a high level goal and break it out into the steps you need to get there.

In ADHD, there’s a concept called time blindness. We often get so involved in what we’re doing that we lose track of time. It’s often why folks with ADHD run late to appointments, meetings, etc.

If you don’t know time spent, though, you can’t improve. Track your time on your To Dos and get an idea of where your time is actually going.

Built for ADHD & ADD by people with ADHD

We’ve been there. We started by solving our own problem — when we were struggling to stay focused and couldn’t get organized with our ADHD because the productivity tools were overwhelming, confusing, and hard to use.  

We connect the vision and goals to the work, simplify the confusing lingo, and use science to boost dopamine and motivation.

Brain Friendly Features Cont'd

… the big picture features …

Folks with ADHD are known for creative, big picture thinking, and that means we can take one thought and turn it into many. 

Both on the to dos screen and when you build a timeline, you can create a visual overview of how everything links together and is connected. 

The personalized home screen organizes your work based on what’s coming up to do and then gives you a calendar view of the work items. 

Being able to quickly see what you need to work on without seeing ALL the other things that are coming up is a helpful way to focus and direct attention more deliberately.

We get bursts of dopamine driven motivation when we see the progress on our goals.

With our new strategy (high level purpose) views, our advanced goal management allows you to connect big picture goals and map them out with each individual project goal… and see the progress from top to bottom. 

Mapping out the “why” of what we’re doing is really important for those of us with ADHD brains. Our brains, though, are often needing the next exciting thing — and unfortunately, the “why” of many tasks can be boring, dry, and once you know… you know.

With AI Story time, like an epic game montage, the AI will take the project information and write a personalized story in a special voice tone.

In this case, you’ll set the timeframe (think weekly, bi-weekly or otherwise) that you want to compile a report and when you need to give a status update. As you update your tasks, the AI will compile a status report of all that you’ve done and you can use this report to

See your progres
Get a summary and assessment of what you’ve accomplished
Have a built in level of accountability

As humans, we often remember things we didn’t finish or do well… and we forget the things we did do and did do well.

Using a principle called variable rewards, the AI harnesses the element of surprise combined with the acknowledgement and recognition of everything you’ve been accomplishing over the entire year and time you’ve been tracking. They’ve got multiple voice tones again here as well.

*AI features launching soon.

30% of entrepreneurs have ADHD or Dyslexia

Amazing things get made by people who see the world beyond than the status quo. We need to make sure that people have the right planning and productivity tools to work in the best way they can. 

It’s time that work planning tools become more accessible.

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