Updates: Leantime v2.2.5 released

Updates: Leantime v2.2.5 released

The highlights of this newest Leantime update

Thank you everyone for the amazing work on this release. We had multiple new open source contributors that created some incredible features. The highlights of this release include: 

  • We revamped the user role system: Now with Read-Only and Commenter Roles and the ability to set roles on a project level
  • Leantime runs about 90% faster now. Thank you @phulstaert for the amazing work!
  • Emails are now sent asynchronously via a queue that we can use for other things as well! @pvi-github, thank you!
  • Leantime has dark mode now!!!
  • Languages can now be set on a per user level
  • Many fixes in the mobile version
  • Norwegian was added. Thank you @Ziggiz!
  • So.Many.Bug.Fixes
  • The release package size was reduced to less. Thank you @phulstaert
  • Volumes have been added to the docker compose file
  • Docker compose now with PHP8 and MySQL8

What’s Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelogv2.2.4...v2.2.5

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