Leantime Version Updates v2.3+

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Here you will find Leantime version updates around the newest, latest and greatest features coming out for Leantime. Versions are listed in series format. Here are all the version updates for version 2.3.

Leantime v2.3.25

🚀 New Features

  • New project definition progress bar shows the tasks to complete to ensure your project is well defined and set up for success.
  • The timeline (formerly “Milestones”) has a new calendar view to show milestones and tasks on a calendar.

Feature Updates

  • Added Khmer as language to the options list
  • Added Job Title, Job Level and Department to user fields editable by administrators. The job title will show up on all team boxes.

🪲 Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed utf-8 issues for non latin languages
  • Fixed password override issue when updating a user
  • Improved gantt chart timeline views and snapping
  • Fixed various mobile menu issues

Leantime v2.3.21

Leantime 2.3.21 was released 04/30/2023. Available both on our cloud hosted version and our open source hosted platform.

The highlights include:

– New left icon navigation (seen below)

And project images / avatars to allow improved visual representation of the project.

And more updates:

– Favorite Projects from the Project Dashboard

– New Reactions service that can be used for future reaction input

– Improved image caching

– Support for redis as session handler

– Various bug fixes

Community contributions:

TareqK submitted OIDC to use json decoding by default and updated login view

Ankitgyawali added localization for the OIDC button

V2.3.17 – Leantime – Improved subtasks!

Yesterday, we launched some system updates:

1. Subtasks! Subtasks are now an actual task and linkable across to dos. You can see this on milestones, on the Kanban and table views.


2. Inclusive Read Theme

Our new Inclusive Read theme is intended to help individuals with improving their ability to read and work in the platform.

Following the guidelines of the British Dyslexia Association, research out of Carnegie Mellon, and incorporating the OpenDyslexic (a bottom heavy font) project, this theme is meant to help make working in projects more accessible.

You can find it available in your profile settings alongside the Light and Dark theme modes.


Updates between 2.3.17 and 2.3.21 were largely bug fixes and updates from previous versions.

Leantime v2.3.5



  • Roadmap view Gantt chart can now show tasks
  • @ Mentions are now possible in all editors. User will get a notification.
  • Introduced Slash Commands in Editor
  • Edit/Create User allows admins to view the invite link
  • New auto generated profile images with initials
  • Beta: Testing a new file uploader in project files.
  • Beta: Create Screenrecording function under project files
  • Beta: Create webcam recording under project files


  • Table dropdown css fixed
  • Improved Portfolio Flow
  • Dark mode design fixes
  • LDAP user creation is fixed
  • Fileupload fixed
  • Filter box on timesheets is fixed now
  • Significant improvements to Gantt chart design
  • Fixed S3 upload issue

Under the hood

  • folder structure improved
  • PHP Codesniffer configuration adjusted. Working to improve code quality
  • New make file to create releases quicker

What’s Changed in Leantime Version Update 2.3.4


We are coming out of beta with 2.3! After some extended testing we feel that 2.3 is ready for your environments.

  • We fixed a variety of bugs (including the image upload bug)
  • Configuration management can now be done via .env and yaml files. configuration.php will be deprecated in future releases (Thanks to @TareqK)
  • We have started the development of a JSON RPC API for Leantime. (Thanks to @broskees)
  • New users are now sent an invite and can set their passwords then.
  • Profile Screens received a facelift
  • New user screens are now in modals so that admins can add users from the project team pages

What’s Changed in Leantime Version Update 2.3.2

New Contributors

Full Changelogv2.2.11…v2.3.2

Leantime version update v2.3.1-beta

Leantime V2.3.1-beta Latest

Edit: Leantime V2.3.1-betaDelete: Leantime V2.3.1-beta

What’s Changed

Full Changelogdev…v2.3.1-beta

Leantime 2.3.0-Beta

This is the most current thread of Leantime updates as of 12/01/2022.

Leantime 2.3 Beta

Edit: Leantime 2.3 BetaDelete: Leantime 2.3 Beta


  • Thanks to @diderich we now have an additional 12(!) strategy boards for a variety of definitions such as SWOT analysis, empath maps, strategy building etc
  • We now have a Goal management system. Track goals and metrics
  • A plugin system has been implemented (thanks to @broskees). In addition to the plugin management a new event management system has been integrated to interact with the leantime code.
  • You can now create custom themes a lot easier and select them via UI. (The leantime v1 theme was added)
  • There is now a notification system that shows you recent activity in the top bar
  • A lot of under the hood code cleanup
  • Many, many many bugfixes

What’s Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelogv2.2.11…v2.3-beta

Interested in what this looks like in the system? If you haven’t gone the route of downloading our open source version, stop and check out our online hosted system. Otherwise, learn more about our Features.

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