Leantime V2.1.8 released

  • fix psettings bug #375
  • fix configuration of s3EndPoint by ENV
  • fix upload to S3 when folderName is empty
  • feat allow path-style buckets instead of relying on default subdomain style. This adds new s3UsePathStyleEndpoint config variable and LEAN_S3_PATH_STYLE_ENDPOINT environment variable
  • fix tinymce icon bug (#376)
  • fix password handling on edit user
  • fix broken UI #377
  • fix PHP 8 compatability bug #391
  • fix URL issue in new To-Do page subfolder installation
  • fix #424 code renders in tinymce now
  • fix #404 timesheet entries now show the correct type
  • fix #378 To-Dos now show up after sprint deletion
  • fix multiple sanitation issues
  • update translation zh-TW
  • update libraries
  • feat ignore own account in email notifications
  • feat added task priority
  • feat new assign me link on To-Do screen
  • feat projects in project assignment screens now multiline
  • feat #423#403 moving To-Dos in Kanban will now trigger notification and added to ticket history

Thanks to all the contributors:
antonanders, yokazek, jarscr, omaralghussein, jackylamhk, andyg2, NoobTW. JamieSlome


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