ARCHIVED: Leantime Updates Thread – Versions 2.2 – 2.2.11

This Leantime updates thread for versions 2.2 through 2.2.11 is now listed as ARCHIVED. We are now posting for updates of Leantime versions into 2.3. Visit the new update thread here to stay up to date on the system changes.

Leantime Updates Thread! v2.2.11 – LDAP bug fixes too


  • Significant improvements to mobile responsiveness
  • Several LDAP bugfixes (Thanks @compumatter)
  • Editor can now display code blocks
  • Calendar bug is fixed
  • Various smaller bugfixes

What’s Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelogv2.2.10…v2.2.11

Leantime v2.2.10

Fixed #1039 Copy URL with alternative copy method
Fixed #1059 Dropdown status changes work with various status<->project relationships
Fixed #940 Calendar event times had formatting issues in different languages
Fixed #1032 User settings can be changed successfully including LDAP users
Fixed dashboard issues and link problems in kanban board (Thanks @diderich)
Fixed darkmode on login screen issue

New Turkish language file
Portugese was updated to reflect latest changes

Full Changelogv2.2.9…v2.2.10

Leantime v2.2.9

Fixed #1045 Ldap login failure + update issues
Possibly Fixed #1044 status array could be empty under certain conditions
Fixed #1042 Kanban description was added back but the heigh is limited and content fades out
Fixed #1040 Calendar not showing up due to empty tickets.
Fixed #1003 Under certain conditions the project role was not set leading to readonly roles for users that should have edit access
Fixed #1038 Deleting of project status successful now

Added Italian translation.

Full Changelogv2.2.8…v2.2.9

Leantime v2.2.8

A new Leantime release is here!

v2.2.8 comes with a lot of new features and improvements.

Once again, we are incredibly humbled by the commitment and contributions of our open source community. We had 2 new contributors on this release and 3+1 repeat contributors.

More over members of the community submitted 57 bug and feature requests! Without these contributions and submissions, we wouldn’t be able to build up these features into our newest versions. Additionally, our Discord channel has grown to 171 members; many of whom are actively helping others get set up.

Some of the highlights of this new release:

  • A new document module was added to create wiki like documentation
  • New dashboard showing users to-dos across all projects
  • Improved project dashboards with project status
  • iCal calendar export (Thank you @calawhkbu)

The complete list of features and enhancements can be found here:

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Leantime v2.2.7

What’s Changed

This Leantime version includes multiple bug fixes. Thanks to our open source community for their contributions!

  • Fix to ldap username bug & project handling by @marcelfolaron in #912
  • && in queries is depricated; using AND instead by @phulstaert in #910
  • Fixed first project experience bug
  • Updated deprecated Filter Sanitize
  • Fixed bug when in debug mode

Full Changelogv2.2.6…v2.2.7

Learn more about Leantime features here.

Leantime v2.2.6

What’s Changed

Full Changelogv2.2.5…v2.2.6

To download the most recent version of Leantime, visit

Leantime Updates version 2.2.5

The highlights of this newest Leantime update

Thank you everyone for the amazing work on this release. We had multiple new open source contributors that created some incredible features. The highlights of this release include: 

  • We revamped the user role system: Now with Read-Only and Commenter Roles and the ability to set roles on a project level
  • Leantime runs about 90% faster now. Thank you @phulstaert for the amazing work!
  • Emails are now sent asynchronously via a queue that we can use for other things as well! @pvi-github, thank you!
  • Leantime has dark mode now!!!
  • Languages can now be set on a per user level
  • Many fixes in the mobile version
  • Norwegian was added. Thank you @Ziggiz!
  • So.Many.Bug.Fixes
  • The release package size was reduced to less. Thank you @phulstaert
  • Volumes have been added to the docker compose file
  • Docker compose now with PHP8 and MySQL8

What’s Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelogv2.2.4…v2.2.5

Leantime v2.2.4

What’s changed in our newest release

Full Changelogv2.2.3…v2.2.4

Leantime v2.2.3 release & updates

What’s Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelogv2.2.2…v2.2.3

Leantime v2.2.2 Updates


  • Leantime has received a facelift. Lighter theme and CSS cleanup
  • To-Dos now open in a modal making it a lot quicker to manage tasks from any screen

What’s Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelogv2.2.1…v2.2.2

Leantime v2.2.1

What’s Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelogv2.2.0…v2.2.1

Leantime v2.2.0 Release Notes

What’s Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelogv2.1.9…v2.2.0

Gloria Folaron is the CEO and founder of Leantime. A Nurse first, she describes herself as an original non-project manager. Being diagnosed with ADHD later in life, she has hands on experience in navigating the world of project and product management and staying organized with ADHD.

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