Startup Project Management: The Key To Success

startup project management

Every now and then, as I watch my online “news feeds” go by, I notice this trend of recycling “Entrepreneurship is hard” theme go by.  Titles range from “the 10 worst things about owning your own business” to “How to Weather the Storms of a Startup.”  But if you’ve already made the decision to pursue the little voice that screams, “I need something more,” then you already know those things. You don’t need those articles to tell you that it’s an uphill road.  What you do  need is those articles to tell you how to better manage the risk of failure and hardship.  While you can’t plan for every hiccup, we know that good planning makes it easier to manage when the rough patches do come up.  Can you get to the top without some sort of map, outline? We don’t think so.  We think strong startup driven project management is key.

Project Management is success management

Starting up is easier when you have direction, a roadmap to get there.  Success becomes something you can manage (not just hope for) when you have checks and balances from the beginning.  When you’re working without a paycheck and time is your most valuable commodity, there isn’t room for missteps.  Without a measuring stick, you have no way to gauge when you’re on mark or when you need to make a change.  And often, you need to make changes quickly.

Entrepreneurship is not for the risk adverse. The odds of failure are high but if you’re like our team here at Leantime, you’ll still wake up and say, “I want to do something different and help others do it differently too.”  What if we could help one more startup succeed — through great project management?”

What if?

Leantime ultimately started by wanting to solve our own problem: managing all our Lean Canvases into real tasks our team could deliver.  We were utilizing  Lean Startup to run our ideas and  we quickly found that just managing lean canvases wasn’t enough.  We wanted to keep track of our tasks, milestones, our product research and most importantly, our ideas. We were more successful when we were agile in our processes and as we move into our next releases: we believe you will be too.

Open Source Project Management

You know you need project management.  You know you don’t have unlimited resources.  You’re determined — bootstrapping to the top.  If you’re here, reading this, then you’re like us; looking for the best way to do the best thing.  Our transition to open source just made sense.  You need autonomy, you need freedom of resources and you need the best practices to get it done.  Open source software for startup project management?  That’s Leantime.

Some of us may get into entrepreneurship for that Startup Unicorn dream.  The thrill or rush of potential success — so close that you can see that exit strategy coming.  For some of us, it’s in our core.  The Jack (or Jill) of all trades.  Whatever the reason, let’s startup successfully.

Check out our Pricing page to learn more about our features and how to get started with our open source system.

At the end of the day, we do it for our ethos; our love of startups and starting up ourselves.  We do it for the joy of creating something; being challenged, struggling and knowing that we’ll come out stronger for it.  We do it not despite the risk of failure but in spite of failure.  We know it’s hard but we also know we’re better because of the journey.

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