They say project management is like herding cats...

… but it doesn’t have to be.

On our roadmap

Engaging Experience

People don’t like project management. It gets in the way of “doing.”

We believe there’s a better way; one that makes project tools engaging to use.


We know we need to update the tool but it’s the last thing on our minds with all the work.

We believe project management can be easy to use consistently.

Artifical Intelligence

We see a path for AI to make more time for your teams to focus on the right things.

We believe in working smarter; not harder.

The following features are subject to change. Items marked with an asterisk * are premium features.

Our Open Source Promise

We believe that everyone that decides they’re going to accomplish something great should have access to tools that helps them do so and to do it more successfully — regardless of your background, race, gender, creed, or economic status.

We’re committed to making good project management practices easier to use and to access; realizing that better building leads to better products and then to a better world.

We are an open source project management system first

The following guidelines are our principles and are meant to guide decisions in feature inclusion: OSS project vs Commercial

We define OSS Project as

  • Groups of tasks and milestones working towards a set of goals
  • Work collections with clear start and end dates
  • The development of something new
    • Including organizing and collecting ideas
  • A collection of definitions (boundaries & plans
  • A collective of people working  to accomplish a goal 
  • Industry & department agnostic
  • UX focused & cognitively accessible

Our Commercical Purpose

While we believe that great project management should be available to everyone, we also realize that great project management is just a minimum. We want to enable people to be the best versions of themselves and more easily & efficiently create things that will continue to make the world a better place.

Our commercial offerings will help keep our doors open and the open source project available to the teams and people who need it.

Ready to experience the difference?