Leantime Open Source Community Updates: as of 2022-12-16

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Leantime’s open source community is growing at a rapid rate and I am super excited to have so many people contribute to the project. This article is the first in a series of weekly updates to keep everyone up to date on the latest news all around Leantime.

🏗 Leantime Open Source Community Contributions

Leantime API

broskees has catapulted Leantime to the next level by building a service abstraction that can be used as API. After a very long discussion between TareqK, broskees and myself we defined the new API endpoint format and standard. This API will be a little different that what some of you might have been used to in the past but we believe this offers the greatest flexibility for integrations.
In Summary:

  • It will be a JSON-RPC API following the JSON-RPC 2 Standards
  • Endpoints will be available via https
  • Endpoints will be available using the following naming convention:
  • The API will support GET and POST requests only
  • Authentication will be via API Keys submitted in the header.
  • More to come later

New Config Management

TareqK has reworked our config management to be more robust but also allow .env and yaml configuration files. Our current configuration file is prone to errors and updates that add new config variables have required admins to add those manually. This will alleviate some of these issues.

🌍 Translations

Ever since we moved to crowdin our translation velocity has increased dramatically. Just this week we received updates to Estonian, Turkish and Portugese. Head to https://crowdin.com/project/leantime if you want to contribute to the translations.

📈 Leantime Open Source Community Metrics

For the first time I am going to share some of the metrics we are tracking as part of our telemtry systems. All of the data recorded is anonymous and aggregated, so the data is limited but quite impressive.


🖥️ Total Instances: 4,190
👥 Total Users: 8,220
💼 Total Projects: 9,170
✅ Total Todos: 74,500
💡 Total Ideas: 4,030


⭐️ Github Stars: 1,783

🔥 Other Updates

Our documentation is currently lacking and we are painfully aware of that. If you or someone you know would like to help us get docs up to snuff please make yourself heard via Discord.

🚀 Planned Next Release

Next release is 2.3.2-Beta and is planned to go out on 12/18. Follow along for our release updates on our Leantime Version Updates v2.3 blog post.

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Support Leantime

Leantime is an open source project and lives and breathes through its community.

If you like Leantime and want to support us you can start by giving us a Star on Github or through a sponsorship.