All Brains Work Better Together Neurodiversity Inclusion

Time Management for Neurodivergent Individuals

Work is better when all the brains come together. Neurodiversity inclusion gives companies and teams a competitive advantage in productivity, innovation, and team retention. 

Neurodiversity refers to the differences in how we process the world

This includes ADHD, Dyslexia, Austism and others...

20% of the population is neurodiverse. 1 in 3 entrepreneurs is likely neurodivergent.

  • Steve Jobs was dyslexic
  • Ryan Gosling has ADHD
  • Elon Musk has autism

Work diversity makes for better outcomes

30% more productive

Neurodiverse teams have been shown to be 30% more productive

Making better decisions

Inclusive teams were found to make better decisions 87% of the time

60% better results

Not just better outcomes but better results from diverse teams, too.

Supporting adults with ADHD at work

People with ADHD tend to be less risk averse, more creative, and look for out the box solutions.

Leantime’s open source management software  is built to improve intrinsic motivation and boost dopamine:

  • Decreasing cognitive load, simplifying
  • Prioritizing personal tasks using AI
  • Rate feelings about tasks with emojis for better prioritization
Support ADHD Employees with Leantime

Neurodiversity at work

Worried about discrimination

64% of neurodivergents surveyed said they were worried about stigma and discrimination from management

Don't disclose or regret disclosing

75% of neurodivergent employees don't disclose their neurodivergence, and 50% of those that did, regretted it.

Support increases retention

50% of employees with tailored accommodations wanted to stay working at their employers compared to only 17% without accommodations

Company programs increase retention

SAP, JP Morgan, and Microsoft Autism programs have a 90% employee retention rate

Support Dyslexia at Work with Leantime

Making work management easier with Dyslexia

With 10% of people in the world having dyslexia. People with dyslexia are often more creative, think better in systems and puzzles and understand complex problems.

Supporting dyslexia looks like:

  • Incorporating best practices for dyslexic reading, specialized fonts, and even text size
  • Personalizing project descriptions so they are shorter and more relatable
  • Incorporating visualizations for the work

Create safe culture for your neurodivergent teams

Supports neurodivergent team members without requiring them to disclose by using Leantime. Schedule a call to learn more today.

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Aligning with Autistic Employees

With reports of autistics being up to 140% more productive at work, they are often more detail oriented, purpose driven, and honest.

Leantime supports autism by:

  • Bringing goals and vision to the work to align with the “why”
  • Creating a personal workspace within the system
  • Sensory friendly UX design
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