Drive Impact

Work smarter rather than harder while driving your business, teams and stakeholders towards the best outcomes.

Gain Visibility

Keep everyone in the loop from the start. Communicate clearly throughout all phases of your project life cycle.

Adapt Quickly

No more scrambling with last minute requests. With the whole picture in front of you, make the changes needed to get ahead.

Deliver Fast

Say goodbye to late nights playing catch up on tasks. Stay on track, on time, and get your projects delivered.

Why do you need Leantime?

Only 2.5% of companies successfully complete 100% of their projects. 

When your projects are unsuccessful, it often feels like you can’t get ahead.  Late hours turn into requirements. Managing tasks, motivating the team, and staying on time becomes impossible. If only 2.5% of companies have mastered project success, then you’re clearly not alone.

Tired of it? Increase your Project Success.

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Take Control

Increasing Project Success involves structured, consistent tools that manage scope creep.  Leantime has simplified this fundamental work flow to accomplish these steps naturally.

  • Increase Product Quality
    Idea Manager, Research Manager
  • Break Down Work
    Gantt Chart , Milestone Tracking, Task Management
  • Manage Change & Priorities
    Backlog, Tasks (sorted by status, priority or impact)
  • Develop a Communication Plan
    Idea & Research Managers, Kanban View, Project Progress & Reports
  • In Depth Project Monitoring
    Project Dashboard, Tasks & Kanban View
  • Flexible Project Access
    Role Management, White label Solution, Client Access
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Be a thought leader

When you have the tools to move from good leader to great leader, you guide your team with a clear vision, courage, integrity, honesty, humility and with a clear focus.  You can then help others reach their goals, rising to their own potential, and take pride in being part of getting them there.

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