Idea Management

Manage your projects from inception. Collect, collaborate and mature ideas while building the projects that come out of them.

Strategy Development

Take a strategic approach to every project and define product requirements using our research and strategy boards.

Roadmap Planning

Deliberately plan your next steps and know where you're at in every phase of your project development.

Task Management

Track your teams daily to-dos with ease. Know what everyone is working on and make decisions based on your team's velocity.

Ideate & Strategize

Brainstorm with your team and develop your ideas into strategies using the Lean Canvas.

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Plan & Deliver

Plan your long term roadmap and break down milestones into clear tasks that you can assign to your team members.


Report & Analyze

Gather insights into your velocity and learn more about your team with our report screens and retrospective boards


Leantime™ is Open Source

We believe every team should have access to tools that make work efficient — resulting in the best outcomes. Our mission is to commoditize project management.  Open Source Software makes that possible by allowing more managers to access the tools we offer while remaining flexible enough to integrate with existing workflows.

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