Genius idea? Next big thing? Startups, mitigate failure. Increase your odds with the Lean canvas and strong project management.

Data Nerd

Lean isn’t just for startups and neither is data collection. Learn how to simplify your team work, streamline your processes and house all your statistics in one go-to spot.

Team Hero

Our system works for you and your team. Develop strong, agile, coding practices by running your projects and assigning your To-Dos to the right member.

The Learner

Have questions? Are you struggling to find the information you need? Pair up with our team of advisers and consultants to get questions answered to your project and startup needs!


Lean Product Development

With Leantime, you can manage, plan, build and test your product development and your project management in one place.

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Don’t Let Your To-Dos Do You

Innovate. Build. Test. Innovate some more. Repeat.
Leantime allows your team to stay on target; it’s as simple as dragging and dropping your way through your task list.


Lean Canvas

Ever wanted to take your Lean canvas and make it functional? Us too. Now you can.

Time Tracking

Ever wondered how long your team was really working on tasks? There’s a stop and start timer for that and it shares data directly with our time-sheets!

Modern, Responsive Design

Great software shouldn’t just function smoothly but should also look great!

Custom Sub-domain and Logos

Want our system to look like your system? We do that, too.



Drag and drop your To-Dos across your Kanban board to share your progress with your team.


Struggling to stay on top of your contacts and clients? Don’t fret! We have a spot for that!

Coded to Perfection

We are constantly innovating and improving our code. Something just not working right for you? Let us know!

Outstanding Support

You can be sure that you’ll always get timely, fair support for all end-user features.