Gain a collaborative partner to help you manage, track, and push your projects forward.

ExecuteTrack progress and get better estimates

Task Management

If you know Lean, you may be familiar with the Kanban board. Kanban is the Japanese word for “sign board” or “billboard”. Our Kanban board will you to track your To-Dos in a quick, easy to read screen and to follow your teams progress. Are you waiting for a team member to finish something before you can work on it? You’ll see that and have the ability to share that with your team members in real time. Drag and drop and you’re ready to go.


Timesheet Management

Ever wondered how long it takes your developer to work on a certain task? Wonder no longer! With our timesheets, your team can click on the To-Do that they are working on and begin to track the time of that task. Tracking this time will allow you to see the overall time spent on your projects, their to-dos, and plan, bill, and build better for future projects.

PlanPlan your roadmap and review past performance

Roadmap Planning

Planning your roadmap by setting milestones will help you visualize your overall project efforts. Our timeline view allows you to plan in 1 to 3 month intervals. Our gantt charts allow you to get a quick overview of your major milestones and let you plan your roadmap with confidence.



Run and log your retrospectives in leantime and work towards improving your team morale and performance. Never done a retrospective? Retrospectives are regular check-ins with your team to discuss 3 questions: What is going well? What is not going so well? How can we improve? Discussing these questions with your team will help you gain valuable insights and improve your team dynamic.

ResearchDefine your customer and problem, and ideate solutions

Idea Boards

Collect your brilliant ideas on idea boards and discuss them with your team. These boards are a simple and fun way to communicate prototypes, ideas and mockups with your team mates. Easily drag and drop mockups and images into the board. Connect your ideas to milestones and watch them grow into real products.


Idea Validation & Research

Our Business Research boards are the new home for your idea validation. Our Research boards come in two sizes; simple and full size. We believe that product and project success depends on proper planning and building what your customer is looking for. This feature will take you through the steps of customer development, problem research and solution Ideation.

Additional Features
  • Multiple User Roles – Give your clients, engineers and administrators different access types to your projects and data.
  • Calendars – See all upcoming events on your project calendar.
  • File management – Upload files to your projects and to-dos and make them available to your team mates

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