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Priority Support Matters Customer Service Leantime


Starting to grow
$ 249 per month / paid annually
  • Support Portal Access
  • Critical (P0): 8 hour response
  • High Impact (P1): 12 hour response
  • Minor Impact (P2): 24 hour response
  • Low Impact (P3): 48 hour response
  • 1 designated reporter


Ready to scale
$ 499 per month / paid annually
  • Dedicated Chat Channel
  • Project Management Support
  • Critical (P0): 6 hour response
  • High Impact (P1): 8 hour response
  • Minor Impact (P2): 24 hour response
  • Low Impact (P3): 48 hour response
  • 2 designated reporters


All grown up
$ 999 per month / paid annually
  • Video Support
  • Dedicated Chat Channel
  • Project Management Support
  • Critical (P0): 4 hour response
  • High Impact (P1): 6 hour response
  • Minor Impact (P2): 12 hour response
  • Low Impact (P3): 24 hour response
  • 5 designated reporters


Reach out to learn more about additional support offerings:

  • Priority PR reviews
  • Quicker response 
  • Integration Support
  • Project management consulting


Businesses with more than 100 users often need more specialized onboarding, support, and even consulting. We can help with that.

Customize integrations to your business, custom plugin installation, and priority support.

You do the work. We maintain the system.

We can also set up the extra features you’re looking for: SSO, OIDC, Email, and more. 

Save both time and money by letting us manage your open source version of Leantime. 

All Plans Include:

Response times are M-F 9-5 EST.

Support Options


Support Channels

Support Portal✔️✔️✔️
Private Chat Channel✔️✔️
Process Support✔️✔️
Video Support✔️

Feature Request

Support Reports1 Reporter2 Reporters5 Reporters

Support Hours

HoursMo-Fr 9am-5pm ESTMo-Fr 9am-5pm ESTMo-Fr 9am-5pm EST
Initial Response Times
P0: Application Down8 hours6 hours4 hours
P1: High Impact12 hours8 hours6 hours
P2: Minor Impact24 hours24 hours12 hours
P3: Low Impact48 hours48 hours24 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

You will get access to our support portal after sign up. Within the support portal you can create new requests and assign priorities

The initial response time defines the time at which you should hear back from us after submitting your issue. This does not necessarily mean that an issue will be resolved within that time frame. You will get updates through the support portal and can rest assured that someone is working on your request

This part of our support package allows you to reach out to get answers to your project management questions. 

For our open source users, our priority support plans do not include accessing your servers. If you believe you’ll need support server-side, we recommend purchasing our Premium plan for the video support.

For quicker support, we offer a private chat channel for users of our Business and Premium support plans. 

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