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Embed Leantime’s features into your internal applications or to your SaaS platform and let us maintain, support, and help you grow for less than the cost of a full development team.

Product development made easy with our embeddable plugins

Platform Maintenance

We maintain your embedded features and keep your system healthy.

Enterprise Licensing

As you grow, licensing costs go down. We're here to help see your product get to the next level.

Feature Flexibility

Using our plugin approach, we can easily and quickly white-label features to meet your customers' needs.

Scale your system with Leantime's features

Bee to Bee Community

  • Beehive and community management tool
  • Supported the beekeepers and users needed a way to manage the tasks associated with the beekeeping
  • This view shows the beekeepers an overview of the work being done to maintain the health of their bees.

White-labeled to specification

  • Additional features such as templates, custom labeling, and custom reports are available to tailor the experience.

Our Embeddable Features

Tasks Table View Leantime

Do you have a product that would be enhanced with going from data to executing on the work? Our task management features can take your system to the next level of user value. 

Features can be turned on and off as best suited for your user workflows.

Our Milestone view offers a great way to “categorize” activities being done and to highlight and show the progress. 

Milestone Timeline Gantt View in Leantime
Strategic Blueprints in Leantime

Pre-defined work boards — whether you want to use our templates or define your own, these create easy workflows that allow users to track the information that they need.

Use reports as is or we offer custom reports as well.

Report Work Breakdown Leantime Project Management

Keep documentation near the actual work being done: 

Bonus — you can embed outside documents inside and work with external teams or keep tracking of what you need internally.

Whether idea, parking lot, or some other item you’d like to track, we can redefine these categories for your products needs.

For the organizations that need to track time (whether for grants, clients, or otherwise), Leantime can embed the features that enable that for your product.

On Premise or Cloud

We can maintain your system whether on your environment or on ours.

  • Your data, your security but without the upkeep
  • Stay up to date with the latest versions and get active support for your teams
  • Gain a team and partner: we’re working to see your product and its users succeed

Other features available include notes, whiteboard, plans and custom fields.

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