Leantime is a Lean project management system.  We’ve taken the fundamentals of lean, agile, and design thinking and housed them into a single platform to readily simplify both your business development and project management processes.

As Entrepreneurs and as folks having worked in the corporate world, we frequently found that with every idea we had, we were using the Lean Canvas to test and validate whether we were on the right track.  We found, though, that what we ended up with wasn’t very Lean.  We had post-it notes all over the office, our boards were messy and hard to read, and there was no way to know where we were in the process.

Lean Canvas
Pre-Leantime Lean Canvas Board

The more we began to look for solutions, we found that many of the systems out there to help with this were either too simple or too complex.  They could do only a little bit of what we wanted – or they could do way more than we needed and required so much set up.  That didn’t feel very lean either.

Then the more we thought about it, the more we wanted to see if anyone else had this problem.  As we talked to people, we kept hearing that people didn’t really have defined processes for their project management – they were using multiple systems to do the same thing.  Some were using a system and spreadsheets.  Some were using two systems.

This didn’t make sense to us.  If Lean is so highly regarded and is so important for our business processes, why are we not doing it in how we manage our ideas and how we manage our projects?  It needed to change. 

Enter Leantime.  Our system is designed to be your plug and play project management system.  It’s intuitive; it’s Lean.  No more Post-It Notes to manage your ideas; manage your ideas and the tasks in one place. No more wondering where Steve is on his assignment – know right away.  It’s time to eliminate wasted time and get Lean.