The Who & What Behind Leantime

We were once disorganized too. Heck, sometimes we still are. That’s why we’re here with you.

Our Values

Lead with good intentions

We strive to do everything with the best intentions and with the ultimate goal of easing the burdens of others while we do it.

Empathy in Everything

We make the best choices we can given the information we have and we assume that others are doing the same thing.

Loyal do Data

Decisions are driven by the users, by the data, and by what aligns with who we are as an organization.

Always Better, Always Forward

Babies don’t quit learning to walk when they fall down and neither do we. We will always support each other in the try, “see what happens.”

Expectations are premeditated resentments

We do our best to communicate clearly. We ask questions to understand and we speak up when things are unclear.

Successful projects for everyone

We exist to enable every person, regardless of their race, religion, orientation or upbringing, to realize their true potential through human centered and accessible innovative technologies and ultimately become the most accomplished version of themselves for themselves.

Founding Team & Community

Founded by a Hispanic woman and German immigrant co-founder, we've experienced many of the challenges that come up when you're not like everyone else. We knew it meant we needed to be even more strategic to get things done. But "more strategic" doesn't have to mean harder to do. Leantime was born to make strategic and simple accessible for others too.

Gloria is a Registered Nurse with an MBA & a background in entrepreneurship and product management. Despite being accomplished on paper, organization and consistency had always been hard. Having been diagnosed with ADHD later in life, she hopes to be part of the change needed to make growing companies & building cool sh*t something everyone has access to do.

Marcel was born in a small town in Germany; moving to the states in 2010. Shortly after arriving, he started a web agency in Tucson where he worked with startups on MVPs. Since then, he's been in as working as a Technical Program Manager at places like Google. Having seen and felt the impact of good project management to a business, he started Leantime.

Our Contributiors

Thanks to the open source community, Leantime has seen many improvements and enhancements. Some of these things include:

  • 20 language translations
  • Multitude of new features
  • Bug fixes
  • Technical documentation & tutorials
  • Community support through GitHub & Discord

Our Sponsors

Our open source sponsors are kind folks that have helped keep the coffee flowing with their monthly contributions to Leantime.

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