Drive Impact

Create impactful products by managing ideas and customer research. Let nothing slip through the cracks.

Gain Visibility

Engage stakeholders and customers a clear direction. Communicate statuses throughout all phases of your product life cycle.

Adapt Quickly

No more rushing trying to manage last minute changes.. With the whole picture in front of you, make the changes needed to get ahead.

Deliver Fast

Say goodbye to late nights playing catch up on product development. Stay on track with concurrent engineering.

Why do you need Leantime?

There are over 30,000 new products introduced every year, and 95 percent fail.

Product failures can occur at any stage and require keen attention at every step — innovation can fail because of lack of research, ideas can fall through the cracks during user interviews, and release can flop because of poor roadmap planning.  

Product failures lead to company demise. When you don’t move and adapt ideas quickly, you can’t keep up. You can drive the impact to success or you can be part of the 95% that fail.

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Laptop showing a kanban board of the open source project management system Leantime

Take Control

Increasing Product Success involves leveraging structured, consistent tools to manage the research, the ideas, and customer & stakeholder involvement.

  • Scale Ideation
    Idea Manager, Research Manager
  • One Task at a Time
    Gantt Chart & Roadmapping, Milestone Tracking
  • Manage Product Changes
    Backlog, Tasks
  • Communicate Status & Changes Clearly
    Idea & Research Managers, Kanban View, Project Progress & Reports
  • In Depth Progress Monitoring
    Project Dashboard, Tasks & Kanban View
drive02 drive02

Be a thought leader

Good product management is more than checking boxes and completing tasks. Great product management includes driving impact, thoughtful research, idea management and ample team communication.
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