Drive Impact

See the whole picture and make targeted decisions -- be impactful with better products, better business.

Gain Visibility

Stop sending progress updates. Make it easy for your investors, team and customers to keep up.

Adapt Quickly

Pivot fast or game over. Know when things need to change rather than hope and pray with detailed planning.

Deliver Fast

Don’t waste time and money on failed work. Build it, ship it, and get paid.

Why do you need Leantime?

20% of startups fail in their first year, and about 50% of small businesses fail in their fifth year. If you’re a startup, you may not even make it into these statistics.

The entrepreneurial struggle is in the difficulty of starting small — big ideas get stuck in big and breaking work in small manageable chunks is just hard.  When you have a great idea but you can’t execute it, what’s the point? Wasted dollars, effort, and maybe some heartbreak and self questioning in the process.  If you can learn how to break it down, plan the to-dos and execute without making your 40 hour work week into 80, then you’ve hit the sweet spot.

Don’t be a statistic.  Are you ready to push forward?

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Laptop showing a kanban board of the open source project management system Leantime

Take Control

Increasing Product Success involves leveraging structured, consistent tools to manage the research, the ideas, and customer & stakeholder involvement.

  • Be Forward Thinking & Validate Ideas
    Idea Manager, Research Manager
  • Set Realistic Goals
    Gantt Chart & Roadmapping, Milestone Tracking
  • Plan Ahead & Manage Change
    Backlog, Tasks
  • Stay Accountable to the Work
    Idea & Research Managers, Kanban View, Project Progress & Reports
  • Monitor Your Efforts
    Project Dashboard, Tasks & Kanban View
drive02 drive02

Be a visionary leader

Starting your own business took gall.  The next step is taking that business into something full of life, functioning, breathing and becoming real to its customers; making the move from great idea to great business.  We know it’s in you and we can’t wait to help you get there.

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