Simple & affordable project management for Small Business Owners

Don't think about the setup. Just get to work.

We make task management easy so you can manage the business

Construction Projects

Track time or even let your clients come in and share their ideas for the project. Get an easy overview of the work.

Printing Shops

Lots of orders to do? Deadlines? No problem. Use the gantt chart for a visual overview of what you have to do.

Business Consultants

Managing multiple clients at once can be overwhelming. Set customer expectations with work transparency.

Get more time back to build your business

Owning a small business company - whether it be a construction company, print shop, small business consulting, or anything else -- Leantime is built so you don't have to spend an entire day setting up your project.

We've worked hard to keep the system clean and clear where the work goes. This means less time setting up projects and more time going back to you.

Then bonus features: organize your business development strategies and the execution here too.


Organized work, Business Growth, & Happy Customers

Task management: List, Kanban, Table

Whether you give your clients access to their projects or you give them reports of the work, you'll be able to track your tasks and your time spent on the work in Leantime. There are also multiple views of the tasks: including Kanban, table view, and list view. Use the table view as a backlog and the list view as a lighter overview on what should come next.

Milestones turned Roadmap or Gantt chart

The gantt chart is a visible overview of the work you're doing and the deadlines. It's important to see the work get accomplished over time and to share these views with the customers as needed to manage expectations. Easily create milestones and attach tasks to them to see how near or far you are to getting to your goals. 

Goals: Feel & be accomplished

Goals can be considered the "why" of what we're doing. It can be easy to lose context, get distracted, or end up working on the wrong things when there's a deadline. Be sure to use the goals board to set the bar for when the work is done.

Tip: Pull up the goals board during your next meeting. Write them together or use them to stay on track.

Keep track of all the great business ideas

Whether you're letting your customers/clients drop their wishlist in the idea board or you're preparing for the next level of business, you'll be able to do that in Leantime. Attach images, links or pop some confetti on our Idea boards. Perfect for brainstorming sessions, feature ideation, and more. Drag and drop, stack, or organize in a way that works for you.

Business Development

Managing customer project requirements often needs data gathering and validation. You can do that here in the Project Blueprints section or if you're ready to grow your business to the next phase, you can create a Business Development project, ideate, validate, and get the work done here.

Time is money and you need the flexibility to do what you do best. We've made project management easy for small business owners -- combining the best of strategies for organization and growing your business. Self-hosted or we host for you options.

But that's not all

  • Client & User Role Management
  • Calendar Integration
  • White labeling
  • Multiple To Do Views
  • Time Tracking & Start/Stop timers
  • Project Dashboard
  • Retrospectives
  • Status Updates & Discussion + Confetti
  • Branded Subdomain
  • Idea Management
  • Reports with Export & Printing
  • Docs in Wiki format
  • Gantt & Milestone management
  • Plugins

Join our growing community

To Dos

Connect with us & our open source world

Come and share your experiences with the system. Let us know how it's working for your small business. Connect with us and others in our active group threads on Discord and on Github. 

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