Tracking Project Dependencies in Leantime

Establishing and tracking project dependencies in Leantime is a straightforward process. But what exactly are project dependencies? This article examines different types of dependencies and how to use them effectively in Leantime.

What is a Project Dependency? #

A project dependency is a task that relies on the completion of another task. Project dependencies require one or more tasks to be completed before the work can begin on the current task. There are four different types of dependencies in project management: 

Finish-to-Finish: Task A cannot be completed until task B is completed

Finish-to-Start: Task B cannot start until Task A is finished

Start-to-Start: Task B cannot start until task A starts

Start-to-Finish: Task B cannot be completed until task A starts

While tasks can have different relationships to one another as the project progresses, tracking project dependencies is crucial for optimizing project timelines to ensure stakeholders know when they can begin their work.

Tracking and managing project dependencies can seem overwhelming. It is important to properly organize and visualize your dependencies so you have an accurate understanding of what tasks need to be completed and in what order. Leantime makes this easy with a visual timeline view and built-in subtasks.

How do I establish a Dependency in Leantime? #

In Leantime you can establish a dependency by adding it to a milestone or adding a subtask to a task.

Milestone Dependencies #

Navigate to the Timeline page and select the Milestone you want to add a dependency to. If you have not created a Milestone yet, learn how to do so here.

Click “edit Milestone” and assign another Milestone under the “Depends on” drop-down. You will now see an arrow between the two Milestones to show a dependency.

Task Dependencies #

Navigate to the To-Dos page and click the three dots in the top right corner of the to-do tile that you want to add a dependency to. If you have not created a to-do yet, learn how to do so here. Click “edit to-do” and select the Subtask section at the top of the edit tile. 

Click “Quick Add To-Do” and fill in the information for your subtask. You should now see the subtask as a tile on your To-Do view with the Subtask designation. 

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