How to Track Time in Leantime

Leantime makes it easy to keep track of how you’re using your time with built in time tracking software featuring three different timesheet views: My Timesheets, Active Time Tracking, and Global Timesheets. Here’s to spending your time more efficiently🥂

“My Timesheets” View #

You can navigate to the “My Timesheets” view by clicking the clock icon in the top right corner of your screen.

Here you will see a page that shows your timesheet for the week. This tracks how many hours you worked and on which day. 

You can manually enter the time you worked by changing the numbers in each column. Additionally, you can assign each work period to a specific client or product, a specific task, and a specific type of work. Be sure to hit save to save your changes.

“Active Time Tracking” View #

If you’re ready to get right to work, you can track your hours while you’re working with Leantime’s time-tracking software. Simply navigate to the project dashboard or to-dos screen and choose which task you’re going to work on. Click the three dots in the top right corner of the to-do tile. At the bottom of the drop-down menu, under time tracking, click start work and you will be notified that a timer began.

When you’re done working, navigate back to that same drop-down menu. Instead of seeing “Start Work” at the bottom, you’ll click “Stop Work”. You will see a notification that the timer was stopped and your hours were logged. The time-tracking software will not log your work if you work for less than one minute.

“Global Timesheets” View #

If you’re looking to track and reward the efforts of your team members, Leantime’s “Global Timesheets” feature allows you to keep track of everyone’s working hours in one place. To access the Global Timesheet feature, make sure you are a company manager, admin, or owner. Then, click on the company icon located in the top right corner of your screen, followed by “All Timesheets.”

Here you will see a view similar to “My Timesheets”. You can customize your view by clicking the “Columns” button in the right corner of the table. Here you can choose to display any of 12 different columns: IDs, Date, Hours, Plan Hours, Difference, Ticket, Project, Employee, Type, Description, Invoiced, MGR Approval, and Paid. You can also export your global timesheet for easy sharing.

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