Track Project Progress with Leantime’s Reports View

Use Leantime’s Reports view to see how your project hours are coming together. The Reports view is designed to help you monitor your project’s progress and generate accurate predictions for your timeline.

The Project Progress tile can be found on the right side of the Reports page, similar to the one on the Project Dashboard (Learn more about the Project Dashboard here). It provides a percentage overview of completed to-dos and milestones.

In the top left corner, you’ll find the Summary section. It visually compares the hours you’ve dedicated to your project with the initially planned hours. The Summary section is updated daily.

Below that, you’ll see the Cumulative Flow graph. This graph shows the progress of completed, in progress, and new to-dos based on the total number of To-Dos, planned effort, or hours expected. You can switch between metrics by clicking the buttons at the top of the graph. To filter the graph, click on the labels of the task types you don’t want to see. The filtered labels will be crossed out.

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