Maximizing Leantime and Navigating with Ease

Leantime features two main navigation bars. The left-side navigation bar houses all project-related features, while the top navigation bar focuses on “you and your project.” Discover the wide range of tools to help you succeed that’s right at your fingertips.

The “Project” bar #

Expand or collapse the Project Bar for improved accessibility or a clutter-free workspace. Simply click on the hamburger menu at the top left corner of the screen to expand the side navigation bar. Once expanded, you’ll find three tabs within the Project Bar: Project Dashboard, Make, and Think.

The Project Dashboard provides an overview of your project, while the Make and Think tabs offer additional project management tools.

Make #

Under the Make tab, access four essential tools: To-Do’s, Docs, Milestones, and Goals.

Milestones help track project progress, while the Goals board allows you to define objectives.

Think #

Under the Think tab, explore four more tools: Ideas, Blueprints, Retrospectives, and Reports.

The Ideas tab hosts your Idea Board, enabling you to store and track progress on all your brilliant ideas. The Blueprints tab offers a variety of templates and tools to refine your strategy and delve deeper into problems, customers, and solutions. Retrospectives provide a space for reflecting on recent accomplishments and facilitating team discussions on what worked well, what didn’t, and necessary changes. Reports consolidate progress metrics, providing a comprehensive overview of your achievements based on hours worked, remaining to-do’s, or effort expended.

The “Project and You” bar #

Located at the top right corner of the screen, the “Project and You” bar focuses on tools specifically tailored to your work and is comprised of seven distinct icons.

The leftmost house icon represents the “Home” page, where you can view a summary of assigned tasks across all your projects. The briefcase icon leads to the “My Portfolio” page, offering a centralized view of your projects, including their current status and metrics like remaining to-do’s, milestones achieved, and hours worked. The clock icon directs you to the “My Timesheets” page, presenting a comprehensive summary of your work hours across all projects.

The calendar icon provides access to the “My Calendar” page, displaying a monthly overview of your schedule. Notifications are accessible through the bell icon, where you can find a comprehensive list of all your notifications and mentions. The Rubik’s cube icon represents the “Company” tab, offering company management tools such as viewing employee timesheets and company projects. Finally, the rightmost icon, resembling a person, represents the “My Profile” page. Clicking on it reveals a dropdown menu with options for Help and Support, My Profile customization, and signing out.

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