Leantime’s ADHD-Friendly Project Management Features

At Leantime, we’re all about making our product as accessible as possible. In this article, we’re gonna dive into the ADHD-friendly project management features we offer. Get ready to learn more about ADHD, cognitive accessibility, and how our system tackles these needs like a pro.

What is ADHD and How Do You Build a System for Cognitive Accessibility? #

Cognitive accessibility refers to the design and implementation of products that are inclusive and easily usable by individuals with diverse cognitive abilities such as ADHD. At Leantime, we build those products. 

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a condition that can make it tricky to stay motivated with tasks that feel overwhelming or uninteresting. But don’t worry! Leantime tackles these challenges head-on by building features that are intuitive, efficient, and boost dopamine. Dopamine is the hormone people with ADHD can struggle with so we make sure to prioritize long-term plans that keep motivation levels up. 

However, what’s most important to Leantime is being a tool that is easy to use. We get that overwhelmed and totally-stuck feeling that results from a complex system. That’s why we’ve put a lot of effort into making sure there are no big hurdles to overcome in our system. We keep things simple and straightforward, because we know that’s the key to helping you stay productive and avoid that dreaded task paralysis.

ADHD-Friendly Features in Leantime #

Goal Boards: Goal boards are your personal dopamine boosters. They let you visualize and create S.M.A.R.T. goals, giving you a real sense of progress. It’s like a cheerleader for your productivity.

Milestone-Focused Timeline View: The timeline view in Leantime is all about keeping that momentum going. It helps you see the bigger picture and amps up your motivation to tackle tasks like a boss.

Reports: With Leantime’s reports feature, you get an overall update on your progress. It highlights the cumulative effect of individual tasks, giving you a boost of motivation. Plus, it promotes accountability by allowing others to view your progress, and gives you a way to visually assess how far you’ve come.

Blueprints: Our strategic project canvases in Leantime help you define your long-term goals and visualize the outcomes you want. They’re a powerful tool for driving motivation and releasing dopamine.

AI Coach: An upcoming feature release in Leantime, this addition is all about boosting your engagement and keeping you motivated while you work. Our AI coach sends you encouraging and fun messages that remind you of all the amazing progress you’ve made.

But Wait, There’s More! #

In addition to Leantime’s ADHD-friendly features, our user interface also plays a crucial role in creating an accessible project management system. We’ve included design elements like individualized boxes for focused information, minimal notifications and flags, and a dashboard that gives you an overview of your project’s progress, along with a project checklist. We even have a grayscale mode that helps limit distractions while you’re working.

With Leantime’s ADHD-friendly project management system, we’re here to empower individuals to stay focused, motivated, and efficient. By incorporating features and design elements that enhance cognitive accessibility, we strive to provide a productive and supportive environment for all users.

So, come on board and let Leantime be your tool for managing projects with ease and accessibility!

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