Creating a Roadmap with Milestones

In Leantime, we want to help you manage not only your to-dos but also your time. To make creating your project roadmap a breeze, we made milestones innate to your task management system with a view that plots your tasks on a timeline.

The Milestone View #

To begin creating your first milestone, navigate to the Timeline tab in the project bar on the left side of the screen. Then click the “Add Milestone” button at the top left of the screen.

From there you can edit the Name, Status, Owner, Color, and Start and End dates of the milestone. A milestone can be dependent upon the completion of another milestone; this is called a dependency. Visit here to learn more about dependencies. You can establish them in the edit screen as well.

When a milestone has a dependency, it is shown like this.

Customizing Your Milestone View #

Now that you have your milestone created, tailor your milestone view further by checking the “Show Tasks” box to overlay tasks with your milestones or selecting the timeframe breakdown – by day, week, or month.

Additionally, you can choose a Gantt View or a Table View of your milestones.

Editing Existing Milestones #

In the case you already have a milestone created you can easily edit your milestone by clicking the milestone tile and clicking the words “Edit Milestone”.

This will bring up a screen similar to when you created the milestone which will allow you to modify any of the previously set details. Additionally, you will also see a space to make comments or mention other contributors.

Adjusting Your Timeline #

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and that’s ok. You can quickly change your roadmap and adjust the timeframe for your milestones by clicking on the milestone tile and dragging the end of it to your new expected date, or you can edit the milestone as normal.

Task Management With Milestones #

Individual milestone progress is tracked based on the completion of the to-dos assigned to them. Create to-dos for a milestone by clicking the “+New” button in the top left of the To-Do screen, (visit Task Management to learn more about creating to-dos) making sure to select a milestone in the milestone drop-down located in the Organization section.

You can also assign already existing to-dos to a milestone by editing the to-do as normal or selecting a milestone from the drop-down menu on the to-do tile. You will see this type of modifier throughout the system in places like this, the Project Dashboard, and Research Boards.

Viewing Your Next Steps #

On the To-Do screen, you can sort your tasks by milestone to help you focus on the next steps for your roadmap. Start by clicking on the filter icon in the top right corner and choosing a milestone from the milestone drop-down box. Click search and you will only see the tasks associated with your milestone.

You can also easily view your to-dos for a specific milestone from the Timeline screen. Simply click the milestone tile and then click “View To-Dos”.

You can attach Milestones to your Ideas (visit Idea Management to learn more about creating ideas) by clicking the three dots in the top right of the Idea tile, then clicking Edit.

In the edit screen of an Idea under the “Attach Milestone” section, click either “Create and attach a new milestone” or “Attach an existing milestone”.

 Now you can track your progress towards an idea through milestones. Once you’ve attached a milestone to your idea don’t forget to click the save button!

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