Stay Organized

No need to keep winging it. Ideate, research and make decisions. Get on track and move forward deliberately.

In the Loop

Keep your clients, vendors, and subcontractors on task with clear communication, to do updates, and with priorities.

Adapt Quickly

Business needs change quickly; be it client wants, contractor needs, or that upcoming sale. Plan ahead and prioritize today’s work.

Manage Time

Billable hours no longer need paper trails. Manage the times of subcontractors as well as your own effort with the click of a button.

Getting Projects Done!

33% of small business owners reported working more than 50 hours per week, and 25% said they work more than 60 hours a week

You’re important.  Your work is impactful. You make the economy stronger, better. You are tackling the dream and without doubt, you have someone looking up to you.  Failure is not an option but finding the balance between work and life is the hardest part.

You need to succeed and you need to be you.  Ready to do both?

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Laptop showing a kanban board of the open source project management system Leantime

Take Control

Increasing your freelance business success requires deliberate planning, idea testing and workflow management.  This is how we help you do that:

  • Manage Work Effectively
    To-Dos, Calendar views, Timesheets, File Manager
  • Plan for the Future
    Idea Manager, Research Manager, Upcoming To-Dos (backlog)
  • Manage Change & Priorities
    Work Prioritization, To-Do Burn Down / Chart, Milestone tracking
  • Communicate with Clients
    To-Do Manager, Timesheets, Discussions & Calendar
  • Monitor Progress / Success
    Project Dashboard, Tasks & Kanban View, Milestone Tracking
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Be a thought leader

As a business owner, we know you’re driven, focused and passionate.  You have to be to get where you are. Being a freelancer is hard, being a successful business owner is even harder.  Find your balance with life, success and reach that next level.

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