Features for when Done needs a Definition

Open source project management to get you to your goals

This is where strategy & project intersect

No MBA Required

PMP Unnecessary

Extroversion optional

Built with the principles of design thinking & agile in mind, Leantime's goal is to blend the best of project management without the need to have to hire someone to set it up for you.

Start with Strategy -

"The best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry." - Robert Burns


Strategy outlines the work you'll be doing that gets you to your goal and highlights what's important. Whether this is done in our Lean canvas, simple canvas, or in documents, a strong strategy and strong plan is what keeps your schemes from going awry.


*additional strategy templates coming soon

Incremental steps - Milestones

Once you've laid out the how, you need to lay out the what and when.


With a milestone & gantt view, you can create those mile markers to help you and the rest of your team know where you are on the way to the goal.

Get it done - Task management

Now that you have a how and what, you need a deeper dive into that 'when' you already started.


Here we have a traditional Kanban view and for those of you with more linear brains, we have a table view of to dos too.

But wait! There's more!

Other features include:


-Dark mode

- Timesheets & Time tracking

- Calendars & Calendar Export

- Drag & Droppable Idea management

- Reports

- Project updates & Dashboard

- Retrospectives

- Comments / Discussion

- Built by project managers for non-project managers

Two paths: one system

The beauty of being open source is that you get two great ways to experience Leantime.


Sign up for Leantime here or set up your own server and join our open source community.

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