Discover & Plan

Ideate your solutions, test your assumptions, and innovate effortlessly. Turn your research into real projects that you can manage in real time.

Track & Grow

Effectively manage your tasks and track your milestones to ensure that everything is on track and you achieve true business growth.

Learn & Iterate

Learn more about your team and progress with our intuitive dashboard. The more you do, the more you know!

Leantime Helps Startups Get On Their Feet & Scale Quickly

I LOVE working with Leantime – something about the to-do list interface is really motivating for me…
it’s like an official schedule instead of my handwritten list of stuff to do that looks the same as my grocery list.



Simple Processes

We've made project management easy by combining the best practices of design thinking through our all-in-one streamlined system that can be easily integrated into your workflow.

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Don’t Let Your To-Dos Do You

Research, ideate, plan, and track – Repeat!
Leantime allows your team to stay on target with an all-in-one project management and business development solution. Our systems are user-intuitive and easy to use – it’s as simple as dragging and dropping your way through your task list until you’ve completed every last task for each particular project.


Task Management

Drag and drop your To-Dos across your Kanban board to share your progress with your team.

Roadmap Planning

Organize your To-Dos in Milestones and visualize them on the Gantt chart

Idea Management

Collect and collaborate on ideas and track progress towards their implementation

Product Research

Track and answer key questions about your project and share the results with your team


Time Tracking

Ever wondered how long your team was really working on tasks? There’s a stop and start timer for that and it shares data directly with our time-sheets!

Client Access Roles

Give your clients restricted access to projects and collaborate on research, ideas and tasks

Use it anywhere

Great software shouldn’t just function at your desktop. Project Management on the go!

Outstanding Support

You can be sure that you’ll always get timely, fair support for all end-user features.

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